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peppers-445274_640We all know that nutrition and hydration are at the core of keeping our bodies healthy and strong. We’d like to share 10 tips from Kim Leacy, a Public Health Dietitian,  to ensure you fuel yourself to be successful in your day, and prevent unhealthy habits.

#1 Eat breakfast everyday! Smoothies are a great way to introduce a meal in the morning. Breakfast helps with your memory, concentration and attention, jump starts your metabolism, and those who eat breakfast every day tend to be healthier overall than those who do not.

#2 Use the plate method! Fill half your plate with veggies, a quarter with grains or starch, a quarter with protein, 1 fruit on the side and a glass of milk.

#3 Re-think your drink! Did you know sugar sweetened drinks increase your risk of cavities, weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease?

#4 Drink 2 glasses of milk a day! Milk isn’t just for kids.

#5 Have vegetarian meals and meals with fish often! Fish twice a week is the best way to get omega 3 and using beans as a meat substitute brings high fibre, iron and protein.

#6 Read food labels! Kim gives great information at around 24:30 in the video (see below).

#7 Eat a variety of food! Have a rainbow of colours, textures and flavours!

#8 Shop the outside! At the grocery store, stick to the perimeter – this is where the fresher food comes from. The inner aisles tend to be more processed.

#9 Beware of mindless eating! Steer clear of the bread basket at restaurants, the candy bowl at reception, or a co-worker’s cookies in the lunch room – these seemingly small things can lead to over eating and bad nutritional choices.

#10 Make smart goals! Create goals for yourself that are simple, measurable, attainable and timely.

To watch Kim’s full presentation, click here.


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