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Being a physiotherapist in a neuromuscular clinic has both challenges and rewards: DMD and physiotherapy

physioIn general as a physiotherapist my goal is to promote mobility, function, participation and quality of life in children with neuromuscular conditions. This sounds great on paper, but when a six year old boy is able to learn to ride a bike or has a chance to play soccer and kicks a ball to a playmate, then these goals begin to take on real value. My work with children with neuromuscular conditions is very rewarding and educational. I am amazed at their strength of spirit. They take a very practical approach to things. One boy recently explained to me, while I was checking the flexibility of his ankles, that his feet were turning in due to the disease but that it didn’t bother him. It didn’t change what he could do. He could drive his wheelchair with perfectly aligned feet or crooked feet, it really didn’t matter.

He taught me what is important and what is not.


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