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Angels Among Us

Ben was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in September 1998 at 17 months of age, after a summer of worrying as we waited for his appointment with the neuromuscular specialist to arrive.  He was referred to a paediatrician, who then referred us on after the public health nurse expressed extreme concern that he was not rolling over, pulling himself up to sitting, crawling or bearing weight at the time of his one year booster shot.

That fall, the specialist we were relying on to tell us our baby was just at the bottom end of the developmentally normal curve told us that no, he was definitely severely lacking in his gross motor skill range, and he was pretty sure that our baby had “some form of muscular dystrophy.”  Looking back, I know that he was very positive, and hopeful. He assured us that he was confident our baby would walk, albeit late, and he got us set up for weekly physical therapy. For us, it didn’t feel like there was a whole lot of hope to be had at that moment – muscular dystrophy was not part of our plans or dreams for our child.


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Life’s Gifts

Life's Gifts

Christmas is one of my most favourite holidays; I even love it more than my birthday. Not because of presents, or cookies, or great store deals. I love it for reasons that are far from hot chocolate and peppermint candy canes.

During the holidays, I feel especially blessed. I find myself asking, How did I ever get so lucky? Maybe you think I am crazy (it’s okay, I think the same thing sometimes too,) because how can you ever feel lucky when your whole life is a battle? Well I’ll tell you why…

In life you are going to meet two kinds of people: There are the ones that spend their lives chasing after the next promotion, and will never be able to give you an answer as to what they are chasing after. Then there are the ones who know about taking chances and forgiving those who did them wrong – they have learned the lessons of life, and do not take anything for granted. They know about doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. Their character is rare in the simplest form.   From them, you will learn everything worth knowing. These are the individuals who will show you all that you are, and not all that you aren’t.


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