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Be Open to Discovery

AugustWhile each day we are one day older, does it necessarily mean we are different today from whom we were yesterday? I’d like to think once I entered adulthood that I would remain indifferent. But am I the same person I’ve always been?

Do you ever close your eyes and wonder who you are? Do you look at your life as being very fragile, very vulnerable? Do you think about how you might stumble a lot in life, and that you know the next fall is sure to come any day now? Do you think about all you have to carry with you everywhere you go?  And how you have had to build bridges that you never wanted?

The months up to my diagnosis and the years that came after, I learned that every single day I get to make a decision. Who am I going to wake up and become? Am I going to succeed or am I going to fail the second time? Am I going to let my success define me or let my failures defeat me? Will I keep falling? Will my run go slowly? Will I ever stop…


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The Natarajs Thank Safeway

AmbassadorPNG“We are the parents of two of the most beautiful girls in the world, and we wanted to build them a completely accessible home where their disabilities could be, for the most part, forgotten. Your donation to a portion of our home elevator demonstrates such selfless and caring qualities that we are overwhelmed with gratitude. And although 2013 may have ended with us feeling helpless and alone, your kindness and generosity has contributed to our current optimism for the present and future. For your past, present, and future efforts in supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Canada we THANK YOU!”


Richard, Crystal, Georgia, and Charlotte Nataraj

2014 Safeway Grant Recipient

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Read more about the Nataraj family here.

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