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Day in the Life of a #Walk4MD Ambassador

2015-1087Hi, I’m Cody Rodgers and I am the Halifax Walk for Muscular Dystrophy Ambassador for 2015! It was a great day, come along with me:

The beginning of the day was very wet and rainy. As soon as my family and I left the driveway to make our way to the Walk for Muscular Dystrophy the sun started to shine and it just got warmer and warmer! We arrived to a vintage fire truck parked outside (as the Fire Fighters are wonderful sponsors of everything Muscular Dystrophy Canada) and a bunch of people inside the Marriot Hotel where the festivities of the day were being held. This included games for the kids, a bbq, musical entertainment and overall good times with friends and family.

Not long after I arrived, Global News arrived and swept me away for a quick interview – which I did not expect, but was maybe a good thing because it didn’t give me time to get nervous. That had been my favorite part leading up to the day – all of the interviews on CTV Atlantic and 89.9 The Wave. It was great getting to meet everybody and spreading awareness about MD. I didn’t mind being treated like a celebrity either! All joking aside, everybody I chatted with were great people.


Strategies to Care for Your Breathing Muscles

There are three main reasons why caring for your breathing – respiratory – muscles is vitally important:

  1. They are needed to facilitate an effective cough
  2. Proper ventilation
  3. Reducing the risk of infection

Below we’ve pin pointed the respiratory therapies discussed in the ‘Strategies to Care for Your Breathing Muscles’ seminar that can be viewed below. Remember that coughing and removing secretions is of the utmost importance, and for more information please watch the playlist, read the Respiratory Care Guide, and speak with your doctor and/or Regional Services person. All of the therapies mentioned can also be found in the Respiratory Care Guide.



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Nutrition and Healthy Eating While Living With a Neuromuscular Disorder

mini-food-processor-and-resultsWe all know that getting the proper nutrients is vital to maintaining energy and overall muscle health, when affected by a neuromuscular disorder.  This is scientifically proven.

Rather than getting into science, this story is about sharing some personal experiences and useful hints to maintain healthy eating habits.

Having Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) for over 40 years has created many challenges in my life, two of which are chewing and swallowing because of muscle weakness.  My first experience with adapted food consistency was when I was twelve and in the hospital.  I was provided with a pureed pizza, which came like a milkshake and totally grossed me out!  However, not being one to judge on first try, I kept trying different things and today eat most of my meat and vegetables in a modified texture called mechanical soft.  Basically the food is not pureed or liquefied, but minced in a food processor to a pâté like consistency.  First point of advice, try different techniques and consistencies until you find something that works for you.  Most food works well, except for potatoes, pasta and pizza (too bad).  I also find it helps with swallowing to have some form of sauce to help get the food down.


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How I See It: The Misconception with “Thinking Positively”

IMG1I had a blog planned for this month, but last minute I decided to write this. Recently, I heard someone tell me very bitterly, “I don’t believe in thinking positive. It’s a bunch of BS”. They may have thought that their words would affect me, perhaps question everything I stand for? And so here this blog was born…

Now I know there are quite a few individuals whom I have heard talk about the BS behind thinking positively. They don’t believe in it, simply put. They believe that thinking positive is for those who are delusional. You might believe that my optimism is overshadowing a brutal realism. That perhaps I should approach realities with a different attitude. To be honest with you, I think you misunderstand me. I don’t think you even understand what I am saying.

Let me tell you a story. When I was younger I used to pray that I would get an A+ on my spelling test – without studying. And every single time I got my test back, that A+ was never on that piece of paper. It frustrated me; I didn’t understand why nothing was working. Here I was, believing that if I wished for it hard enough, it would have to happen. I laugh about it now because I understand that I can’t ask for it. I have to work for it. The same goes with everything else in life.


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Thank you for donating to #HelpFeedAbility!


We partnered with Safeway and Easter Seals to #HelpFeedAbility, and thanks to your generous donations the campaign raised           $544,562 for our organizations!

Since 2008, Safeway has donated $7.5 million to leading-edge neuromuscular research and mobility grants across Western Canada and Northern Ontario. We’ve been able to purchase 622 pieces of mobility equipment/medical devices and home modifications valued at over $3.9 million for 237 families! Your donations will allow us to continue to help supply, equipment, home renovations, and scholarships to our clients in Western Canada and Northern Ontario.


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