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Independence Through Innovation

A pilot program providing assistive technology to youth


Thanks to rapidly evolving technology, particularly in the world of gaming, home automation and environmental aids, assistive devices are more accessible and more useful than ever. They help improve quality of life exponentially for young people with neuromuscular disorders.

Removing barriers to simple tasks with assistive technologies

Tasks such as opening doors, switching on lights, accessing phone calls and answering emails aren’t ‘simple’ for those with a neuromuscular disorder. Assistive Technology can remove the barriers from these small chores.

Lise Bleau, an Occupational Therapist at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation has seen the results firsthand. “This program is so exciting: it will allow children and teens to be successful at doing things, using something perceived by themselves and their peers as being very cool.”

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The Story of Jon Jans

Jon First Day of SchoolMy story is much like many Canadians, perhaps not that different from yours.  My parents immigrated from The Netherlands in the 1950s, settling on a dairy farm. We grew up going to school, working on the farm, enjoying 4H and being part of the fabric of rural community.

With the physical strains of farm life, I never had to wonder about my mother’s aches and pains at the end of a long day. Struggling to rise from her chair, the complex realities of myotonic dystrophy had yet to dawn on me.

As a volunteer Fire Fighter, I became aware of Muscular Dystrophy Canada and their work with Canadian Fire Fighters, from coast to coast. However, my department had never really been involved as fundraising was less of a priority than firefighting.

So, what changed for the Fire Fighters in the village of Martintown? Well, it became personal.

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