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Letter from President

Less than one year ago The Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada was granted a charter by the Secretary of State. This event climaxed the efforts of a small group of men and women in various centres across Canada to awaken public interest to the need for a crusade against muscular dystrophy.

In November 1954, the Association embarked on its first nation-wide campaign to raise funds. We were extremely fortunate to enlist the help of the Canadian Fire Fighters in this drive. The Canadian people generously donated more than $200,000 to our cause.

The primary purpose of our national organization is to foster research into the causes of muscular dystrophy. In the short interval since funds became available for this purpose six research projects have been begun in Canadian institutions. Much of this work is of necessity of a basic nature and eventual benefits may accrue only after a long period of waiting and experimentation. Nevertheless it represents the surest way towards success in out fight against muscular dystrophy.

Our programme has been instituted. It must be maintained and expanded. The Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada looks forward to another successful campaign in 1955. The help of the Canadian public will again be needed to sustain and strengthen the battle against this disease. The success of the campaign will depend entirely upon the amount of assistance we may receive from individuals and organizations. Volunteers will be needed in large numbers to carry our message into every household. Contributions, large and small, are the only way to ensure the maintenance and expansion of our research programme.

We are confident that this challenge in the crusade against muscular dystrophy will be met.





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