To The Firefighters – an excerpt from the First Annual Report of The Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada, 1955


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Letter to FF

When the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada approached you to help in out first ‘March on Muscular Dystrophy’ we were aware of the Fire Fighters’ outstanding record in relieving human need and suffering, not only in the course of their daily work but on all other possible occasions.

We trusted implicitly that if the Fire Fighters of Canada knew of the crippling and suffering  that is endured by those who are afflicted with muscular dystrophy, particularly the misery of the small children who are the chief sufferers from this disease, they would respond wholeheartedly to the challenge offered to them.

The Fire Fighters of Canada conducted a magnificent campaign. In a house-to-house drive they collected more than $200,000 in many districts from coast to coast. This money is now being used to sponsor research work in universities across Canada.

You have rendered invaluable assistance to the battle against this disease and brought new hope into the hearts of all those who are so afflicted. Our heartfelt thanks to you all who helped to make this drive a success.

May we express the hope that we may look for your further interest and continued support of our cause.



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