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10985257_10152579597830766_1169785392264999253_nWe have an eight year old student at our school who is affected by muscular dystrophy. For the past four years, Bedford South School and I have had the pleasure of organizing, and promoting the HOP for Muscular Dystrophy.

It is a very exciting event for everyone as the whole school gets involved by making signs to promote the HOP, giving daily announcements, and making visits to the classes to talk about the HOP and educating the kids about muscular dystrophy. Each class shows the DVD provided by Muscular Dystrophy Canada and, in the past,  have had assemblies to show it to the entire school. Students are encouraged to collect pledges and we award prizes to the top three fundraisers.

10993394_10152579597920766_2308221415139710147_nThe HOP at Bedford South School has been a great success, and all of the students have had so much fun! Our great volunteers do face painting (bunny faces), set up a photo booth where the kids get to have their pictures done with various props, and a local radio station, The Bounce, comes in and provides the music for us. And to top it all off, our school has raised  lots of money  for Muscular Dystrophy Canada! [Bedford South raised $2,700 for 2015's HOP]

All of this would not have been possible without the great help and support of Rebecca from Muscular Dystrophy Canada. We’re looking forward to doing it all over again next year. 10997721_10152579598190766_5784858409946796229_n


Quotes from the day:

“A wonderful way to get our muscles moving!”

“The kids loved having The Bounce DJ’s on site playing great music to dance to.”

“Look at me! Look at me!”

“I can jump higher, watch!”

“Check out my moves.”

“I can do that!”

“Shake it off. Shake it off!” Okay, okay. That’s from Taylor Swift, but the kids sang it!


Kim Chiasson, teacher at Bedford South Elementary School in Nova Scotia

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