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#Walk4MD season is here! We wanted to share some ways to make tackling the course different and fun! Here are some suggestions to spice up your walking, running or rolling:

1. Speed walk  (Hey, it’s a sport! Known as race walking in the Olympics)

2. Skateboard

3. Roller blade

4. Hitch a ride in a wagon

5. Do intervals of walking and running5017942866_4d4ebf5625_b

6. Ride a bike

7. Try to keep a paddle ball going at the same time! A yo-yo could work too.

8. Leap frog! (Please do this a the back of the pack)

9. Make a new friend and take on the course together

10. Grab some friends and skip like in Wizard of Oz!

So dust off the walking gear and join us on one of 60 Walks across the country!

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