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fruits-601742_640We know the holidays can be tough for those looking to keep their healthy eating habits up, so here are ten tips to help you stay on track during the season:

  1. If you’re traveling to a cottage or family members home make sure to pack healthy snacks for the drive or flight!
  2. Ask what will be served, so you can plan on holding out for the items you like.
  3. If your family serves buffet style or you are going to a buffet restaurant, using a smaller plate is a good way to make sure you don’t pile too much on at a time.
  4. Have a healthy snack before you arrive – this means you aren’t as hungry and it can pack in important nutrients.
  5. Take a minute or two to just sit, and drink some water. You may find that after taking a short break that you are already full and don’t need to go back for seconds.
  6. Beware of sugary or fatty drinks. Sticking to water is your best bet.
  7. Attending a party? Bringing a dish that you know is better for you means that there will be at least one item you know you can eat.
  8. Avoid taking leftovers. It’s much more of a temptation to have it in your house then to have to get up and buy/make it.
  9. Don’t stress about it. Placing too much stress on yourself to keep your eating habits perfect will lead to negative results.
  10. Everything in moderation! This is the biggest tip of all. During the holiday season there are so many options to taste and new things to try out. It can be very daunting to make a decision, so make sure to try things in small portions. If you like it, go get some more. If you don’t, stop eating it right away.

Bonus: if you are done and worried that you will continue working on your plate, either take it right to the kitchen or put something unappetizing over the food – pepper works great for this trick!

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  1. Vittorio says:

    Do you folks have tips on what to eat and what not to eat for sluggish bowel and chronic constipation due to neuromuscular disease any time of year?

    • musclecanada says:

      Hi Vittorio, we suggest speaking with your healthcare team about your specific symptoms and eating habits as they will be able to provide you with tailored information.

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