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Waterloo B4LIn 2009, Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse made a commitment to assist Canadians living with a neuromuscular disorder by participating in Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s Buck for Luck Campaign.  This year the Lowe’s Canada Buck for Luck campaign runs from February 11th  to March 17th at 34 Lowe’s Canada locations in Ontario and Western Canada. During the campaign, Lowe’s invites customers to purchase their “lucky shamrock” for $1 at checkout or at the Customer Service desk.  34 locations are participating this year, and each has their own way of inspiring support from their customers and community.  Many stores plan special events to raise awareness and donations behind asking for support at point of sale.

One of these dedicated stores is in Waterloo, Ontario.  Since the store opened in 2011, West Waterloo (345 The Boardwalk) has been a dedicated member of the Lowe’s Canada Buck for Luck team.  West Waterloo was the top Lowe’s fundraiser in 2011 and 2012, and their team members are enthusiastic supporters of Muscular Dystrophy Canada.  The West Waterloo team tries to come up with innovative ways to fundraise for the cause.  Ross Lynch, Human Resources Manager at Lowe’s West Waterloo, explains they “will be soliciting donations from our customers as they pass through point of sale; however selling Shamrocks are only a small part of the fundraising strategy.  Our staff will be holding many events, including a Bake Sale, Chili Cook-off, BBQ, Hot Dog Eating Contest, and an event where for a fee a Lowe’s associate can take slap shots at Summet [Store Manager] who will be in a hockey net.”

Shamrock_B4LWest Waterloo has found that gaining high participation from their customers is directly connected to the staff associates’ interest and enthusiasm for the campaign.  Ross says, “Lowe’s is an organization with deep philanthropic roots.  Encouraging our customers and associates to support MDC is a two part effort. First we want to educate contributors on where the money is going and how participation in this campaign helps others.  Secondly, drawing on the competitive spirit of our associates, we create excitement and competition against the other stores by challenging them to “friendly” fundraising competitions.”  Our competitive spirit and passion for execution has made West Waterloo a top Lowe’s fundraiser for four years.  They raised $12,700 last year which helped bring the total amount raised by Lowe’s to $150,000!

Funds raised from the Lowe’s Buck for Luck Campaign will go towards Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s Equipment Program and stay within the region they are collected to support local families.  The assistance that Lowe’s Improvement Warehouse and its customers provide, will enable Canadians with neuromuscular disorders in local Lowe’s communities lead independent and healthy lives by helping them obtain assistive devices they require such as wheelchairs and other mobility aids, hospital beds and pressure relief mattresses, and ventilation devices.

Buck for Luck is a fun campaign for Lowe’s to participate in, and not only do the dollars raised create friendly competitions, but each Lowe’s location uses the customers’ “lucky shamrocks” to create designs on their store walls.  West Waterloo loves to decorate this way! Ross shares the plans for this year, “Last year’s design with the leprechaun was definitely the store favourite, but we plan on this year’s being the best yet with shamrocks flowing like a rainbow to a pot of gold. It will really be something as we reach our goal and the shamrocks reach the pot of gold!”  West Waterloo Lowe’s supports Muscular Dystrophy Canada throughout the year, including as volunteers at the Waterloo Walk for Muscular Dystrophy.

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