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march break 002Kaitlyn, a grade three student, and Caroline, a grade 11 student, in Toronto both spent a good deal of time at the Muscular Dystrophy Canada National office during their March break.

Caroline chose to volunteer for three days during her March break because she wanted to be helpful to the organization where her mother works in the finance department.  She explained, “I’d be doing nothing at home, so why not come in and help somebody?”  Caroline spent time labeling and preparing envelopes and folding tax receipts.  While Caroline has already exceeded her requirement, volunteering is a great way for high school students to accumulate their community service hours.

Kaitlyn came to the office all five days of her March break, and enjoyed every minute.  She was a bubbly presence in the office and contributed a lot during her time “at work.”  Kailtyn, whose mother also works in the finance department at the National office, spent time preparing envelopes and tax receipts as well as accompanying the receptionist on her trips to the post office.  She even learned how to use the mailing machine.  Kaitlyn was really proud to have helped finish folding hundreds of tax receipts, which is a necessary task for the organization, she explained as she held up her two fingers, “we got them done in only two days!”

march break volunteers 003Both girls got to spend time with their mothers and new friends from the office during lunch breaks.  They could be found with earphones in while keeping busy as they worked by listening to music and watching movies on Kaitlyn’s tablet.

Office volunteers are a huge asset to Muscular Dystrophy Canada.  There are many tasks waiting to be completed by dedicated volunteers which assist with the administrative and fundraising aspects of the organization.  Caroline and Kaitlyn chose to volunteer their time for a good cause during time off from school so that they could say they made a huge impact and spent their time in a productive and worthwhile way.  The National office thanks Caroline and Kaitlyn for their dedication!  If you are interested in learning more about being an office volunteer at any Muscular Dystrophy Canada location, please visit our website and contact your regional office.

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