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Have you participated in the LINC Study yet?  The LINC Study is a national study to learn about people living with a neurological condition and how it impacts their everyday lives. The study needs respondents who live in Canada and who are 17 or older and live with a neurological condition OR are a parent of a child (5-16 years) with a neurological condition.  It has 3 parts:

1. A snapshot in time: an in-depth survey of 3500 people living in Canada

2. A year in the life of 350 Canadians: a series of monthly conversations

3. Individual stories: a study of 18 people, their families and supporters

Top Reasons to Complete the Study:

1)      Be Heard!

The LINC study is the first opportunity for people with neurological conditions to share the impact it has on their daily lives, and offers a chance to have your voice heard!  (So far, respondents have mostly been people with brain injuries, so the study really needs the participation of people with neurological disorders.)

2)      Be an Influencer!

The results will be very important in terms of influencing government policy—there is currently no data on the real economic burden of living with neurological disorders.

3)        Be Helpful!

The study may feel long, but it’s very important to finish it or the data can’t be used. The research could lead to any number of advancements and you could be helping the next generation by donating your time.  You can pause the study and resume where you left off throughout.  Start today and remember to encourage others who are eligible to join the LINC Study as well.

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