Top 7 Reasons to register with Muscular Dystrophy Canada


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1)      Free and Easy: Registration is completely free! It is as easy as filling out a registration form and having a doctor confirm your diagnosis.

2)      Helpful Information: At the time of registration, you will be sent an information package which contains disorder specific information, as well as any local Chapter and event details for your area. We’ll also keep you informed by sharing research news and other happenings through our e-newsletter and regional communications.

3)      Personal Service: Within a month of receiving your info package in the mail you will receive a phone call from a Services staff member to follow up on any questions you may have.  Also, as a client you can reach out to our local Services for support and guidance with various issues. For example, recently, our determined staff have assisted individuals to access affordable housing, obtain funding for respite and attendant care, advocate for appropriate community services, and so much more. To find your local Services staff, click here.

4)      Access to Services: As a client you have access to the many services provided by Muscular Dystrophy Canada — you can apply for assistance from the Equipment Program, attend one of our educations workshops or health information days with interesting speakers, get reliable information about neuromuscular disorders, and help finding the right community services to meet your needs.

5)      Someone on Your Side: Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s caring staff and volunteers are here to help you find the answers and to support you through your journey.  Perhaps there isn’t a neuromuscular specialist in your area and you want advice on finding one, or you aren’t able to work anymore and need assistance with the paperwork involved in that process.  If you have an issue, we can assist in finding the best resolution.

6)      Peer Support: Being a client offers you many opportunities to gather with other people with neuromuscular disorders and their families.  Clients can get together at an Information Day or a Chapter meeting or a fundraising event like the Walk for Muscular Dystrophy; gathering with others who understand living with muscular dystrophy or being a caregiver can bring hope and comfort, especially to those who are newly diagnosed.

7)      It’s up to you: What do you need from Muscular Dystrophy Canada? There are many reasons to register with our organization; every individual is different and sometimes a new challenge or question comes up.  We are committed to improving the lives of people with neuromuscular disorders.  Services staff are dedicated, caring and eager to assist in whatever way possible.

Register today for free with Muscular Dystrophy Canada!

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