Volunteers win New Brunswick Provincial Disability Awareness Award


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The Disability Awareness Week Executive Committee recently announced the winners of the Disability Awareness Week Provincial Awards at various events held during the Week. These awards honour those who have made significant efforts to improve opportunities for persons with disabilities to fully participate in their communities and lead more independent lives.

The Awards were first established in 1988 and have been considered very prestigious by the disability community.

This year, four winners were selected: Dean & Vicki Mullin of Saint John, Nicole Ward of Moncton, Robert Melanson of Dieppe, Student Council of Mathieu-Martin High School.

“The Committee was very pleased with the quality and quantity of nominations received this year for consideration,” said Christyne Allain, Co-chair of the Disability Awareness Week Executive Committee. “Selecting winners for the Provincial Awards is always challenging as several other nominees were also deserving of recognition.”

Disability Awareness Week was held from May 27th – June 2nd with the theme “Ready and Able to Work!”  Learn more about Disability Awareness Week.

Dean and Vicki Mullin are true leaders who work tirelessly to help people with disabilities in the Greater Saint John region.

After meeting in 2004, Dean became involved with the Fundy Muscular Dystrophy Chapter in Saint John. As a person living with Muscular Dystrophy, Vicki was already an active volunteer with the group. She opened Dean’s eyes to the many challenges and frustrations that people with disabilities have to go through each and every day. They continue to be involved in many fundraising events, and group activities to raise much needed funds and awareness for the group.

In 2008, they joined the KV Committee for Disabled Persons. In 2009, Dean became Chair of the committee, and was involved with fundraising initiatives and public awareness for the committee. Vicki took on the role of Secretary and was responsible for all communication for the committee, along with coordinating the scholarship program, fundraising events, and the school outreach program. Their dedication and commitment to this committee has lead to many successful outcomes, including: enhanced services and programs, a more accessible community, and a greater sense of inclusion for everyone.

Congratulations to Dean and Vicki, and their fellow winners, on this great honour!

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