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Dr. Katie Manders is a Muscular Dystrophy Canada board member and volunteer.  She recently participated in the Halifax Walk for Muscular Dystrophy on June 9th, where she was the top fundraiser and received her award for Atlantic Region Client of the Year! Katie has had a rough year medically, and she shared her tale in poetic style on her fundraising page.  The following is the continuation of her story in the form of a thank you letter to her many generous sponsors.

The title is “A Fairy Tale Ending-thank you!”

     As the Heroine lay dazed and bewildered, she reflected upon yesterday’s events and the past two months. The first letter to her Subjects was sent with enthusiasm and hope and a fundraising goal of $4,500. She had hoped to give back to an organization that has helped her so much and increases the awareness of neuromuscular disorders. Temporarily stripped of voice (yet another infection and time in Emerg), she took to her computer and Facebook to get her message to as many subjects as she could. 77 devoted subjects responded to her pleas (and yes, she does realize that there were many plea attempts!). It took some until the night before the walk to get their butts in gear but in the end, the Heroine went into a state of shock (happy shock) at what number popped up on her fund raising site. $7,565!!! This was far beyond her wildest dreams. (Picture Heroine jumping for joy, with a shrill in her voice that replaced the memories of her hospital stays over the course of the year).

Now, Mother Nature tried but failed to dampen the spirits of all the Subjects. What’s a few down pours and thunder? There were cheers, merriment and celebration throughout the land (well, our little land of the Marriott hotel and boardwalk). Men in uniform were even there! This time not to chariot the Heroine away, but to feed her and man the BBQ.

The Heroine was surrounded by friends and supporters and she smiled on the inside and out.

She even received two awards on this fine day. As top individual fundraiser she blew her competition out of the water (sorry Mr. Brookbank, it was worth every penny!). She also received the very special honour of Atlantic Canada’s Client of the Year. She couldn’t have done this without her Subjects amazing generosity and encouraging spirits!

And so, exhausted by the excitement and activity, the Heroine took to her bed for about 30 hours! Tomorrow she will wake anew to her daytime job and care for children at the hospital, lifted by their resilience and smiles. She looks forward now and sees her future with more clarity and drive.

Kate is truly blessed to have you all in her life,

Thank you,

Katie (aka, the Heroine)

You can register to participate or donate to your local Walk for Muscular Dystrophy.  If your Walk event is more than a month away, don’t forget about the Early Bird Contest!

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