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On Saturday, June 16th I had the pleasure of working at the Waterloo Walk for Muscular Dystrophy and meeting a special group of people there.

The team from Lowe’s Canada in West Waterloo volunteered to help with the Walk, and they were some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers I’ve seen!  The group of about 15 employees and some of their kids arrived at 8 a.m. for set up wearing Muscular Dystrophy Canada shirts they made themselves and they stayed through the whole day, leaving only minutes before the Walk organizer.

This Lowe’s team became involved with Muscular Dystrophy Canada through the Buck 4 Luck  campaign.  They raised $23,000 over the last two years making them the top Lowe’s fundraisers both years.  This group is very dedicated to the Lowe’s campaign.  Jane, one of the Lowe’s volunteer, explained that the store employees wear light up shamrocks and post displays to show their progress across the store wall, which creates excitement for the employees and their customers.

The team that arrived at the Waterloo Walk brought a BBQ to cook hot dogs for participants, helped with participant registration, put up signs along the Walk route (some of them ended up walking the route at least four times!), brought a face painting station, set up and took down tents, and brought an overall great attitude to the day!

This group was genuinely happy to be together and helping their community.  They volunteer and participate in multiple charity events as a team. Store manager Summet expressed that the store is planning a car wash where proceeds would go to Muscular Dystrophy Canada.  That event is June 29th in the Lowe’s parking lot (11am-4pm, 345 The Boardwalk).  The ideas for keeping the Waterloo team as the top Buck 4 Luck fundraiser are already flowing as well!

Thank you to the wonderful volunteers from Lowe’s West Waterloo! Your support at the Walk was invaluable and your many efforts throughout the year for Muscular Dystrophy Canada are so appreciated.

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