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tumblr_loytmwLVsY1qm37rzo1_500There are always ways you learn things; it can be through a book, a teacher, by following the steps of a role model, or by making a mistake. The list is endless. What I never thought is how learning indirectly taught me more than I ever thought possible. Learning indirectly simply means learning when failure happens or when things don’t work out the way you wanted them to. The fact of life is most of what you are going to learn will be indirectly. After being diagnosed, you may also go through vulnerability as you try and understand this new information and create a new identity for yourself. You need to confront this new reality and there is no book, no guidelines to show you how to go on.

It is completely wrong to think that after a diagnosis your life will not change and it shouldn’t be difficult to adapt to. That knowledge isn’t even easy to accept. The recognition of that reality itself is hard. There is uncertainty in all of life. Events occur and we have no control and no warning. The uncertainly of the future has me asking questions like- what will happen to me? Will I be able to walk in five years? Ten years? Uncertainty about the future will not go away but over time, you learn to come to terms with it.

It’s not all a sad story though, and really I am not sure it ever really was. My diagnosis has forced me to look at the fragility of life and pay attention to things in life I never noticed before. I also learned not to waste my energy on things that don’t really matter. So all in all, I am not the way I once had been. But that’s okay, because learning indirectly made me realize how powerful I am.

Meet the “Let’s Make Muscles Move” blog’s new contributor:

I volunteer!My name is Ivana and I was born in Sanski Most, Bosnia & Herzegovina but moved to Canada at the age of 3. I was diagnosed with LGMD a few years ago and it has forever changed my life.

I know that after being diagnosed my family were probably thinking that this disease would slow me down and I had doubts that it might as well. But if your strong, you can push even harder than you did before. So I made the choice to keep fighting and I took the hardest road in hopes it would guild me to something I never thought possible. So instead of asking why I was given this life, I understand that ordinary wasn’t good enough for me. In my heart, I know that I was meant for something greater.

        After graduating high school I went to post-secondary and got a degree in Finance and General Business. I chose to do Commerce as opposed to a Arts (despite my love for writing) because I knew it would be the most challenging bust most rewarding degree. I came to realize early on that business has this amazing power to transform society and create prosperity in a number of ways. It was the hardest and best decision I have made to date.

        My blogs will be everything I have learned along the way and what I continue to learn today. It will teach you my biggest lessons, what inspired me, and some mistakes. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

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  1. Mandy says:

    Hi Ivana,
    My name is Mandy, I have LGMD and was diagnosed 23 yrs ago. I can relate very well to your writing. My own response to being diagnosed was to pursue an education and became a Certified General Accountant. I didn’t let the diagnosis stop me from living life to its fullest and spent 9 yrs living and working in Chile. My husband and I returned to Canada in 2006 and I have a small bookkeeping company. In 2009 I fell and broke my leg and have been in a power chair ever since. Best of luck with your blog, I will enjoy following you through your adventures in life!

    • Ivana says:

      Hello Mandy, Its great to know the diagnosis did not slow you down in what you wanted out of life and the experiences you desired. Living in Chile wow! I don’t know if I am that brave just yet :) Thank you for your comment

  2. Girija says:

    Hi Ivana,
    Iam girija from India diagnosed with LGMD some 25 years ago and has been battling since then.Recently I also lost my husband who had been a great support to me.Now I still hope some medicine will come to make me independent and me enjoy life that is left.I would like to share my journey of life too.Best of every thing.Lets share everything of our challenging life!

    • Ivana says:

      Hello Girija, I am sorry for your loss & I certainly have a lot of hope too. Perhaps it may be the only thing we have, but when you have hope, you have everything.

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