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28 year-old Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli, professional B-Boy (Breakdancer) and motivational speaker lets us in on his life for a day.  Read ahead as the national ambassador for Muscular Dystrophy Canada shares a backstage pass to one of his jam-packed days at this year’s Youth in Action Conference in Calgary, AB.

 Saturday, August 26, 2012:

8:00am – Live interview on Global TV – Luca wakes up at 6:00 am to join Marla Spiegel (National Director, Research, Programs & Services) and head to the studio for the interview where they promote YIA12 and Luca’s inspiring message of  “No excuses, no limits.”

8:30-9:30am – In the taxi back to the hotel, Luca catches up on social media and tweets about the interview.  After a quick change of clothes, he meets up with several MDC youth delegates and their families for breakfast at the hotel.  Luca attends the Activism seminar at YIA12 presented by Danielle Peers, Ian Gordon and Lindsay Eales.  This informative and funny presentation works on recognizing, resisting, re-imagining and remaking the role of disability on a local scale and across Canada.

1:00pm – Periodical rest is important when you have Arthrogryposis like Luca or muscular dystrophy like many YIA participants, so after a short rest Luca heads to downtown Calgary to visit the Eau Claire Plaza for Pulse Studio’s HipHop All Style Dance Competition where he dances with local Calgary dancers.

3:30pm – Another taxi ride – and lunch en route – heading back to the hotel.  Luca participates in the discussion during the Sexuality and Healthy Relationships education session alongside Heather Cobb and Stephanie Lebrun. This session helps the youth discuss some of the myths, stereotypes and realities of healthy relationships and sexuality.  Luca helps participants reflect while sharing some of his personal experiences.

7:30-8:30pm – Luca attends the gala dinner after finishing sound check, setting up a merchandise booth, and resting and stretching in preparation for his performance.  Then Luca’s motivational entertainment performance for the 62 youth in attendance begins and the party starts!

9:30pm –Dance party with the rest of the Muscular Dystrophy Canada youth and adults is in full swing.  Luca shows off some of his skills as well as teaches some of the youth new dance moves and the youth show off what they already know.  Luca and his fiancée Melissa love hanging out with the YIA12 participants and see them bust a move!

11:30pm – Off to Bed!

Luca is always on the go; he travels a lot for his dance and motivational speaking schedule and loves to meet new people while spreading his message of “No excuses, no limits.”  Muscular Dystrophy Canada was extremely lucky to have Luca share his dance moves and positive attitude with everyone at YIA12!

Luca’s busy schedule continues into the fall as Luca and Melissa get ready for their dance program in Laval (Projet R.A.D) and Luca prepares for ILL-Abilities five-year anniversary festival October 19-21 in Montreal. Check the ILL-Abilities website for more details on both.

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