About Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy Canada supports people affected by muscular dystrophy and related muscle diseases. Together, these rare conditions are referred to as “neuromuscular disorders.”

Neuromuscular disorders are a group of diseases that weaken the body’s muscles. The causes, symptoms, age of onset, severity and progression vary depending on the exact diagnosis and the individual.  Learn about a specific disorder

This diagram shows just a fraction of the neuromuscular disorders covered by Muscular Dystrophy Canada. Disorders in dark grey bubbles are more prevalent than those in light grey. All neuromuscular disorders are considered rare or “orphan” diseases.

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    Types of Neuromuscular Disorders

    The causes, symptoms, age of onset, severity and progression differ between the various types of neuromuscular disorders. In this section, you can find more detailed information about specific neuromuscular disorders.

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    This primer will explain the basics about genetics, and how genetic mutations are the cause of many neuromuscular disorders.

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    For Parents

    Check out the information and resources that we have available to support families.

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    For Schools

    While not exclusively a childhood disease, there are many types of neuromuscular disorders that affect school-aged children. Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s programs and resources are designed to enable teachers and schools with the right tools to help students succeed!

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