Myositis Disorders

What are myositis disorders?

Also known as Inflammatory myopathies

Myositis disorders are autoimmune conditions characterized by voluntary (skeletal) muscle inflammation. The primary symptom of these disorders is muscle weakness, which is usually progressive and may be severely impairing.

There are three main types:

  • Polymyositis — inflammation is found in many muscles
  • Inclusion body myositis — muscle is characterized by irregular inclusions—accumulations of misfolded protein
  • Dermatomyositis — muscle inflammation is accompanied by a skin rash

All three conditions are considered rare. The cause of each of these disorders is currently unknown. Each of these disorders greatly differs in response to treatment.


Fact Sheet on Myositis Disorders


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Useful Links

The Myositis Association

Funds research, provides support, and information for people with myositis and health professionals. They host an annual patient conference in the USA.

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