Danielle Campo

Ambassador Danielle Campo

Danielle Campo knows what it takes to achieve goals. Only in her early twenties, she has achieved more than most of us will accomplish in a lifetime. Danielle brings that hard work and dedication to Muscular Dystrophy Canada as an Ambassador.

At the 2000 Paralympic Games in Australia, Danielle won a stunning three gold medals and one silver in freestyle swimming. That year she was named Ontario’s Junior Citizen of the Year. She was then all of fifteen years old.

In 2004 at the Athens games, Danielle won a silver and two bronze medals in relay and freestyle. Her athletic achievements defy the usual limits that come with congenital fibre type disproportion, the rare form of muscular dystrophy, which is Danielle’s diagnosis.

A graduate from Ontario’s Fanshawe College, Danielle has turned her attention to working life. At the Children’s Aid Society in Windsor, Ontario, Danielle works for social change. “So many kids don’t have enough encouragement, enough motivation. They need respect and support and stimulation to try something different, to believe that they can change and that they can have much fuller lives. Their parents need respect and support too – perhaps even more of it than the kids do – in order to be able to try new ways and discover hope.”

Danielle continues to participate in Muscular Dystrophy Canada fundraising events and conferences lending her support and encouragement. “Look at what the Fire Fighters and the other volunteers keep on doing for Muscular Dystrophy Canada,” says Danielle. “They’re wonderful. We need them, and we love them. We need lots of other people to get involved as volunteers. Understanding and involvement – that’s what helps.”

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