2018/19 Seed Grant Winners


November 19th, 2018 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Toronto, Ontario




A total of 5 research projects amounting to $235,000 will be funded by Muscular Dystrophy Canada (MDC) in 2018/19 through its Seed Grant Program and ongoing donor support.

These grants are awarded to researchers and scientists investigating various topics related to neuromuscular disorders across Canada. The full list of recipients and their research projects is below.

“Muscular Dystrophy Canada is committed to finding a cure for neuromuscular disorders, and the only way to accomplish that goal is through cutting-edge research,” said Barbara Stead-Coyle, CEO, Muscular Dystrophy Canada. “There is promising research taking place in our country to uncover a cure and that work will continue thanks to our generous donors.”

The intent of the Seed Grant Program is to solicit and fund research related to neuromuscular diseases, specifically proposals that are not entirely focused on a single disorder, but are relevant to several of the 150 plus disorders covered by Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

“While researchers continue to search for a cure, they are also making important discoveries on more effective treatments and therapies,” said Dr. Phillip Gardiner, Chair, MDC Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee.

Consultations with MDC stakeholders highlighted a need to invest in research that also focuses on decreasing secondary health conditions; understanding the impact of community care policies on quality of life and the promotion of integrated living; improving quality of life through the use of assistive technology; understanding the financial cost of living with a neuromuscular disorder; determining the benefits of exercise; and understanding psychosocial behavior.

“The projects funded through this round of Seed Grants aligns with that feedback and we are excited to see these new and innovative projects get underway,” added Stead-Coyle.

About Muscular Dystrophy Canada

Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s mission is to enhance the lives of those affected with neuromuscular disorders by continually working to provide ongoing support and resources while relentlessly searching for a cure through well-funded research. To learn more about Muscular Dystrophy Canada, please visit or call our toll-free number at 1-800-567-2873.

Media contact information:

Barbara Stead-Coyle, CEO
Muscular Dystrophy Canada



Muscular Dystrophy Canada is honoured to support Canada’s leading researchers as they continue to uncover more effective treatments, and ultimately a cure, for neuromuscular disorders. 

  1. Interventional study of expiratory muscle strength training as a treatment for muscle disease.
    • Principal Investigator, Dr. Gerald Pfeffer, University of Calgary.
    • Awarded: $47,837
  2. A better trunk and lower limb control for a better mobility: Assessment of a re-entrainment program in Autosomal recessive spastic ataxia of Charlevoix-Saguenay.
    • Principal Investigator, Dr. Cynthia Gagnon, Université de Sherbrooke.
    • Awarded: $40,639
  3. Quand attendre est synonyme de meilleurs services : Création d’une salle d’attente interactive pour informer les personnes atteintes de maladies neuromusculaires des enjeux de la recherché.
    • Principal Investigator, Dr. Cynthia Gagnon, Université de Sherbrooke.
    • Awarded: $46,706
  4. Denosumab for the Treatment of Osteoporosis in Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: A Pilot Study.
    • Principal Investigator, Dr. Leanne Ward, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.
    • Awarded: $49,596
  5. A Population-based Cohort Study of Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with Myasthenia Gravis.
    • Principal Investigator, Dr. Ari Breiner, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute/ University of Ottawa.
    • Awarded: $49,851


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