Your dollars at work


Your dollars fund programs that have an impact on the community. Thanks to you, this year we raised over $9.5 million! Your generous contributions, whether through The Walk for Muscular Dystrophy, Fire Fighter events, or direct donations have made a tremendous impact on individuals and families affected by neuromuscular disorders across the country.

Highlights this year include:

  • Respiratory care “Seed Grant” program awarded $191,067 to 4 new respiratory research projects
  • More than $700,000 contributed to the E-Rare research program in collaboration with CIHR’s Institute of Genetics.
  • Direct investment of $1,055,000 helped 497 Canadians to purchase 659 medically-prescribed assistive devices with a retail value of $3,612,000

Funds raised by you continue to support promising research leading to new and improved therapies and ultimately cures. From equipment to emotional support, from advocacy to education, through your generosity, we are on the ground helping individuals and families in whatever way they need.

Download the PDF to learn more exciting ways of how your dollars are working to help.



Read our Donor FAQs for more information.



Now more than ever is the time to invest in research for treatments and cures. Through your support, you can accelerate the timeframe for diagnosis, and bring more promising clinical trials and drugs to families faster. Whether through targeted research into specific disorders, or investments in key research areas like cardiac care and stem cells, together we can turn hope into answers.


We live in a time of great innovation, with rapid advancements in life-saving technology. From cough assist machines to portable ventilators that keep people healthier and out of the hospital, to wheelchairs, orthotics, and other essentials , we aim to reduce the burden by funding all or part of the cost for this equipment.


Thanks to improvements in treatment, people are living longer. But we also want them to be living better. We provide targeted programs and support for essentials like home modification. There are educational workshops, forums, conferences, and expert dialogues from coast to coast. Our staff and volunteers also facilitate school programs, community presentations, service club meetings and anything else that spreads the word. The momentum never stops.

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