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Shock and fear coursed through my body. At six years-old, my nephew, Garrett, was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and I felt helpless to do anything about it.


That was 14 years ago and sadly my nephew is no longer with us. I miss his contagious smile and the way he joked and had a one-liner ready to share at any moment. It’s like a piece of me is missing.


I know the devastating heartbreak that comes with losing a loved one to this disorder. I don’t want anyone else to feel that way. That’s why I support Muscular Dystrophy Canada (MDC). But, they need your support too!

Your support will ensure MDC can continue investing in leading-edge research so someday soon there’ll be a cure. Your support also directly impacts families and clients facing the challenges of a neuromuscular disorder by providing support and equipment.

Your friends, neighbours, and maybe even a loved one, may one day need this caring support. Will you give a gift to MDC today, so together we can help more Canadians get the support they need when they need it most?

Kim and her nephew, Garrett

Kim and her nephew, Garrett

Before Garrett passed away, his family had to precisely plan every activity, no matter how big or small. Because of his disorder, things you normally wouldn’t think twice about suddenly became obstacles – going out to eat as a family, planning a play date with friends, participating in a school trip, everything.


And, they had to make sure Garrett had someone with him at all times. It was emotionally and physically demanding on the entire family.

But, thanks to the generosity of donors, like you, Muscular Dystrophy Canada was able to provide them with home renovations and support that increased Garrett’s independence, made him more comfortable, and relieved some of the family’s physical and financial stress.


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I can tell you it feels really good knowing my gifts to MDC are offering another family the same type of support and relief. I want you to experience that feeling, too.


Will you help make a difference in someone’s life today?

Your support can improve a child’s ability to participate in a school activity or offer a mother who is struggling with her child’s diagnosis the emotional support and information she needs most! Isn’t that an incredible feeling?


When my strong, courageous nephew was diagnosed I felt useless. I lived so far away from him and his family and I desperately wanted to help.

That’s when I realized I could help in my own special way! I decided to organize fundraising events and raise awareness to not only help my family but the thousands of Canadians impacted by neuromuscular disorders.

Whether you choose to become a monthly donor, give once a year or give in some other way, you will be making someone’s day a little brighter. Thank you for that.

During the holiday season I can’t help but reflect on all the generous support I’ve received. None of that would have been possible without donors – thank you.


Because, the reality is the need for equipment, personalized support and continued research increases each year. That’s why Muscular Dystrophy Canada needs your continued support. Will you join me in making a generous gift today?


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Warm regards,

Kimberley Reinhart Signature
Kimberley Reinhart
Garrett’s loving aunt

P.S. I’ve dedicated years of my life giving back to the neuromuscular community, as a Muscular Dystrophy Canada employee, volunteer and donor, and I would not be where I am today without the support of generous donors like you. Please consider making a donation today to increase the quality of life for others living with neuromuscular disorders.



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