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Saturday, June 1, 2019 Deloitte Tower

Left to right: Chief of operation Martin Guilbault and Lt. Benoit Leclerc


Muscular Dystrophy Canada presents the Montreal High Rise Challenge Spokespersons: big fans of skyscrapers!

This year is a year of change for the High Rise Challenge. After several years at the stock exchange tower, WE ARE MOVING!

Despite this important change, our stability remains: We are still and always will be co-spokespersons. It is with great pleasure that we are back this year. With a new BGH to climb, (the DELOITTE tower) comes new challenges.

This 21st edition will be completely turned upside down.

So we are waiting for you on May 20th, well yes, a Sunday, to tell you that there will be changes!

So we are waiting for you on May 20th in great shape and do not forget to invite your friends.

Benoit and Martin