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2015-1087Hi, I’m Cody Rodgers and I am the Halifax Walk for Muscular Dystrophy Ambassador for 2015! It was a great day, come along with me:

The beginning of the day was very wet and rainy. As soon as my family and I left the driveway to make our way to the Walk for Muscular Dystrophy the sun started to shine and it just got warmer and warmer! We arrived to a vintage fire truck parked outside (as the Fire Fighters are wonderful sponsors of everything Muscular Dystrophy Canada) and a bunch of people inside the Marriot Hotel where the festivities of the day were being held. This included games for the kids, a bbq, musical entertainment and overall good times with friends and family.

Not long after I arrived, Global News arrived and swept me away for a quick interview – which I did not expect, but was maybe a good thing because it didn’t give me time to get nervous. That had been my favorite part leading up to the day – all of the interviews on CTV Atlantic and 89.9 The Wave. It was great getting to meet everybody and spreading awareness about MD. I didn’t mind being treated like a celebrity either! All joking aside, everybody I chatted with were great people.

So much money was raised for the cause which blew my mind. It was awesome seeing how much money could be raised by just an individual or a team. Even more impressive is when you add it all together, which came to just about $52,000. Pretty hard to believe, but that’s just how hard everybody worked for this event.

So back to the Walk. Not long after I was done being the interviewee it was time to get started for what we all came together for, the Walk. We had bagpipes and everything. With the bagpipes playing and all of us  in tow, we were off.

11181860_10155711673765082_5973646889878159497_nAs we were walking down on the boardwalk on the Halifax waterfront people were snapping pictures everywhere, I’m sure everybody could hear us before they saw us, which made it easy for everybody to get their cameras ready. The Walk route went from the hotel to the big blue wave on the other side of the boardwalk and back again. People were still lined up walking or wheeling as everybody was walking back.

Once we got back it was time to fire up the BBQ, get the entertainment started, the kids games were going and we could sit back and enjoy the day. After we hungout for a bit, the awards started. I was lucky enough to get an award for my contribution which was great! I received a trophy that resembled a Stanley Cup, or maybe in my eyes being a Leafs fan it was wishful thinking as it’s the closest thing a Leafs fan will see that resembles a Stanley Cup. My contribution was nothing compared to what everybody else raised. What a great bunch of people for a great day of fun!

After all of the fun was over it was time to clean up and do it all again next year.

Check out these great photos from the Halifax 2015 Walk for Muscular Dystrophy, click here.

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