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Avery-and-Family-Walk-4-MD-resizeLadies and Gentlemen,

With only a few years under his belt, Avery Denyisuk is the living embodiment of BR-AVERY! Celebrating his fourth birthday in October, Avery’s battle against his arch-nemesis began just before his 3rd birthday. Each day, Avery does battle with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

An inspiration to those around him, Avery explores the world from the depth of his heart. Each person that Avery meets is filled with his contagious joy, passed from person to person. Those who have been lucky enough to meet him, feel privileged to experience the strength of his compassion.

As an everyday superhero, he is also an amazing entertainer! His vast imagination knows no bounds. Whether he is playing a game of hide and go seek, enjoying the company of family and friends, painting his next masterpiece, scoring the game winning goal, singing a heartfelt ballad, inspiring through interpretative dance, or jamming on his guitar, his super powers are virtually unlimited.

Since first learning of Avery’s arch nemesis, his family has drawn on his super powers to navigate the whirlwind of emotions that has befallen them. Despite being caught in a life changing battle, Avery’s admirers were shocked to learn how little people knew of the toll that muscular dystrophy can have on children, adults, and their families.

In a Herculean effort, his family decided to fall in line beside their superhero son. Side by side, they prepared to draw back the curtain on this hidden enemy and expose the world to the battle they fight each and every day. Changing the future for those with muscular dystrophy can begin with a few steps. The first steps the Denysiuk family planned to take was as part of the Walk for Muscular Dystrophy. The walk was an opportunity to discover all of the allies that were ready to fight alongside Avery, raising each other up to prepare for the long road ahead. Avery found his Avengers.

Despite the feelings of helplessness that come with an incurable diagnosis, joining with others has given the Denysiuk family the courage to keep hoping for the future. They see the power hidden in every dollar to make a difference in the lives of the heroes they have encountered.

Remembering last year’s walk, a smile creeps across Avery’s face at the thought of his fellow superheroes walking by his side. Oh, and all the hotdogs!

As the Denysiuk family prepares to lace their shoes for another year, they share their gratitude for all of those that have come before. With walking and donating to do, their hope is to see as many people as possible join their fight. Asked how they have the courage to keep going, they said “We walk for the everyday superheroes and for a cure. Together we can make a difference!”

Clearly, not all heroes wear capes.


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