Family affected by muscular dystrophy receives support for their mobility equipment needs


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TORONTO-September 4, 2012-September is Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month, which is an important time for Jeremy and Kira Dixon, whose two children are affected by a rare form of muscular dystrophy.  Their six year old son Nevan and three-year-old daughter Ella have special needs when it comes to equipment.  Wheelchairs and other mobility devices have to grow along with them.  Because muscular dystrophy is a progressive disease, over the years children need new equipment to help them stay as independent as possible.

“Before my children were born, I took walking, running, and movement for granted.  Now, I know that mobility is an amazing gift that changes lives.  That may sound like a cliché, but that’s the reality for my kids and for all the children affected by muscular dystrophy,” Kira explains.  The Dixons, along with other families, look to Muscular Dystrophy Canada for financial assistance made available through the equipment program as well as support and services gained from staff and resources.

Through Safeway Mobility Grants, which are facilitated through Muscular Dystrophy Canada, both Ella and Nevan use a Kidwalk, which is a device that allows them to stand, move independently, and build their strength.  Playing tag and ice-skating are only two of the activities Ella and Nevan can now enjoy using this wonderful device.  Jeremy says, “One of the unfortunate challenges about muscular dystrophy is that it can rob children of their ability to walk, run and play.  The equipment gives the kids a sense of independence and inclusion, which is a huge psychological win for our children.  Muscular Dystrophy Canada is a big help to families like mine.  They walk beside us and speak up for our children.  Equipment is very expensive, but the organization is there to help us as our kids’ needs change.”

Neuromuscular disorders affect over 50,000 Canadians including children and youth, families, adults and seniors.  There are over 150 different types of neuromuscular disorders supported by Muscular Dystrophy Canada, and there is currently no cure.  Visit to learn more about how you can spread the word.


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Muscular Dystrophy Canada is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the lives of those affected with neuromuscular disorders by continually working to provide ongoing support and resources while relentlessly searching for a cure through well funded research.  Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s dedicated volunteers, staff and community partners across the country raise funds to enhance the lives of those affected by over 150 different kinds of neuromuscular disorders.
From coast to coast, Muscular Dystrophy Canada delivers a variety of programs within five key areas of service: Education; Information; Advocacy; Support; and Equipment. 


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