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IMG_4961I took a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum recently, and made sure to go and see the Fashion Follows Form: Designs for Sitting exhibit.

The exhibit was very interesting and informative; as someone who does not use a wheelchair, it was eye opening to the different needs people have from clothing. You may think that the typical forms of clothing would work with maybe a few adjustments to fastenings; most people sit for their jobs, and then sit once they get home as well, we tend to not think of how clothes could be improved for those using sit-down mobility devices.

It is truly amazing to see the forms that the garments created by designer Izzy Camilleri take, and how these changes can greatly improve the function and style of the pieces for those who require the adaptive fashion.

IMG_4970There were two IZAdaptive pieces that I found eye-opening – a pair of pants, and a single-breasted trench like styled coat. Two pieces of clothing that seem simple, but were very much transformed.  It was interesting to see the pieces on display in both a seated position, and standing. This allowed the differences in the cuts and shapes to be shown so you can actually see that even though those pants look like pants that anyone would wear, when they are displayed standing, they look completely different.

I also found a familiar face in the exhibit, Maayan Ziv! She was one of the IMG_4974Exhibition Contributors! I have no doubt that this is a great exhibit to find when you visit the Royal Ontario Museum – make sure to catch it before it leaves on January 25th, 2015.


Maria Tassone is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the National Office. 

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