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Guelph Rooftop Campout 2016

Guelph Rooftop Campout 2016

Amongst the numerous ways Fire Fighters support Muscular Dystrophy Canada the Rooftop Campouts has become a very popular winter fundraising event.  It’s been over a decade since Rooftop Campouts were introduced in Alberta as another way for Fire Fighters, who have partnered with us since 1954, to challenge their communities to raise awareness and funds for Muscular Dystrophy Canada.  Rooftop Campouts have expanded nationwide and you can find one in every province throughout Canada.  Fire Fighter participants will endure below freezing temperatures, or opt for blistering summer heat, inclement weather, and whatever else nature throws their way during multi-day Rooftop Campouts.

The rooftop venues vary from fire department buildings, malls, and/or restaurants.  You can always find a tent or two at the top, a boot hanging from a rope to the public below, and smiling Fire Fighters waving from up high. Some Campouts welcome visitors in the form of local radio stations, beauticians to give manicures, and yoga instructors. Movies are watched, food deliveries are made and consumed, board games are played, and sleeping bags and cots are ruffled all the while donations are collected for our cause.

You may have spotted a Rooftop Campout in your community already this year, but if you haven’t there are still many more to come! Check out our events tab or click here to find a Rooftop Campout near you!

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Here’s a video from the 2017 Edmonton Fire Fighters Rooftop Campout! Click the image, or here to view the video.

Guelph Rooftop Campout 2016

Guelph Rooftop Campout 2016

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  1. Bob Patton says:

    Congratulations & a huge shout out to all fire departments for your fundraising efforts across Canada!
    We are making a difference to the people whom are affected with a neuromuscular disorder.
    Keep up your commitment to this charity.
    Regards Bob Patton
    Nelson Fire Rescue

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