Living with Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy Canada provides information and support for people who have been diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder as well as people whose lives have been affected. This includes family members, caregivers, educators and employers.

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    Symptom Management

    Learn about ways to manage some of the common physical concerns, such as cramping, swelling, pain and fatigue.

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  • How To Health Guide

    This powerful resource, created by members of the Health Charities Coalition of Canada (HCCC), helps enable patients to effectively navigate through the Canadian healthcare system and provides them with the tools necessary to effectively manage their disease.

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    Surgery and Anaesthetics

    Many of the gases and chemicals used in anaesthetics affect both muscle and nervous tissue, including the heart. It is important to be aware of the risks of undergoing anaesthesia.

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  • Your Healthcare Team

    People affected by neuromuscular disorders will often be referred to a neuromuscular clinic or various health care professionals who will provide expertise in their area of specialty.

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    Exercise and Recreation

    Learn about the type of exercises, recreational activities and adapted programs that are ideal for people affected by neuromuscular disorders.

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    A balanced diet with the right amount of nutrition is an essential part of maintaining good health.

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  • Love and Sexuality

    This section discusses several topics that could be of interest to young people with a neuromuscular disease. You will find information on sexuality, relationships and more.

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    Travelling away from home can be possible for people with neuromuscular disorders. There are a variety of wheelchair accessible attractions, accommodations and restaurants in many locations. Many commonly used assistive devices are highly portable. In addition, most major airlines accommodate people with special needs.

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