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Students of Miss. Beaudoin's class

Students of Miss. Beaudoin’s class

For the past several years, Muscular Dystrophy Canada has been organizing an awareness program called MuscleFacts for schools and families. This program aims at creating more welcoming school environments for people who have a neuromuscular disorder and works to promote a better understanding of what a disability is. Through interactive presentations, games and activities, this program helps children understand what physical disabilities are and helps educators efficiently integrate children with a disability by breaking down barriers, one class at a time.

On average, Muscular Dystrophy Canada gives about 50 MucleFacts presentations per year. These visits often mark the beginning of a wonderful partnership, like the one with the Champlain School in Sherbrooke, in the beautiful province of Quebec.


Alexis Boisvert with mother and brother

Alexis Boisvert with mother and brother

Alexis and his school

The Quebec Services Team went out twice to meet the students at Alexis Boisvert’s school. Alexis is a 10-year old boy who suffers from Steinert’s myotonic dystrophy. Afterwards, Alexis’ special education teacher contacted us because the school wanted to participate in the Halloween fundraising – where each child in the class is given a little piggybank to take with them on Halloween night to ask for small change donations. The school raised a little over $700.

The Christmas Market

But the ChamplainSchool didn’t stop there. Third-grade students from Ms. Lorraine Beaudoin’s class carried out a project that would allow the students to give back to their community. Since all the students know Alexis well, they decided to organize a Christmas Market, with the proceeds once again going to Muscular Dystrophy Canada! They all chipped in and created holiday decorations. They also

Students of Miss. Beaudoin's class

Students of Miss. Beaudoin’s class

asked other classes to participate and to provide various pieces. The Christmas Market was held on December 12th and raised $1,165.

By taking part in all these activities, students and teachers at the ChamplainSchool helped Muscular Dystrophy Canada fulfill its mission. But beyond raising funds, the focus was on involvement and awareness. The school and its teachers coached future adults who, through that experience, will be more aware and more inclined to get actively involved in their community and to help others… which is very worthwhile!

Many thanks to the Champlain School for helping make muscles move!


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