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1795569_600583466689649_1432355312_n2010 marked the first year for Muscles in Motion. An event I had been thinking about for more than five years was finally happening. 2013 marked our third year, tripling our donations and helping create more awareness for those affected with neuromuscular disorders. As we prepare for our upcoming event on May 31st,  it looks like we will again raise even more money and awareness. Below you will find out why this incredible event was designed.

I remember the day clearly when I received a phone call from the specialist. I was 18 weeks pregnant with my first child and my nephew Garrett had just been diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The specialist told me it was urgent that I get tested to see if I carried the specific gene because I only had two weeks to terminate if necessary. I was horrified at the thought and in disbelief that someone would even suggest the possibility. At the time we were just learning what Garrett was about to go through, and there was no way I was getting tested even with all the information we had. I would support my child however it would enter the world. My sister at this time received her results and found she wasn’t a carrier after all, but there was a gene mutation when Garrett was developing.

The more my family learned about DMD, the more we wanted to help in anyway possible. In the days leading to my delivery we organized a way to store my cord blood in hopes it may help Garrett in the future. Unfortunately on the day of my delivery there were complications and I was unable to save the stem cells. What we thought might eventually be a cure or way to help Garrett was again out of our hands.

1256491_607468749334454_79337797_nIt is very hard to watch your family go through the emotions and procedures, and you can’t do anything but be a support and help in anyway they need. The next best thing I could think of was to create an event that at least would raise money and awareness of DMD. I run my own personal training business and was able to create an event called Muscles in Motion, in support of Muscular Dystrophy Canada. With the help of two great friends, we designed an 8 km Trail Run and Team Fire Fighter Fitness Challenge. The trail runs through the scenic paths of Jarvis Bay Provincial Park in Alberta. The natural terrains and inclines make for a great, challenging run.

The fitness challenge was designed around fire fighters as they are the main supporters of the charity. I wanted to design a physical challenge that was based around fire fighter training. It consisted of six stations that lasted eight minutes each. Each were designed to challenge your physical abilities and how far you could push yourself. There is a saying you hear quite often, “Don’t take your muscles for granted.” This is what I had in mind when creating an event that challenges every muscle so you can appreciate having your mobility.

1898193_607466662667996_853864140_nIn our first year we generated $3,000. Our second year we doubled our attendance and raised over $5,000. In 2013 we raised over $12,000. A kids trail run and fitness challenge was added, as well as a silent auction and BBQ. We had incredible sponsors and amazing volunteers helping out to make this event such a success. It was an incredible feeling to see the growth and I can’t wait to see us surpass our goal this year.

I know this event will continue for many years and raise even more funds to help with research in finding a cure to this devastating disorder. Everyday I pray that a cure will come tomorrow, but in the meantime I will continue to support those affected through the Muscles in Motion event.

Thanks to the Town of Sylvan Lake, this week (May 25 – 31) is Muscular Dystrophy Week in Sylvan Lake! Help mark this important occasion, by checking out Muscles in Motion on May 31!

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Kim Reinhart with Optimal Fitness is the organizer of Muscles in Motion. She is very honored and excited to be able to host such an important event. Kim has always had a goal and vision to create an event to promote awareness and help find a cure for muscular dystrophy. Eight years ago, her nephew was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrohphy (DMD), a rapidly-worsening form of muscular dystrophy. 

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