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nffrcThe National Fire Fighter Relations Committee (NFFRC) is an advisory committee to the Board of Directors of Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

The committee is comprised of up to twelve voting members who represent the fire service across Canada. Members of the committee are chosen on a provincial basis to represent the Fire Fighters in that province on the NFFRC.

The chair of the NFFRC is automatically given a seat on the Board of Directors where there are, currently, three additional directors who serve, or have served, in the fire service. This demonstrates the value that Muscular Dystrophy Canada places in the support received from Fire Fighters since 1954.

It should also be noted that each region across Canada has a group of dedicated Fire Fighters who act in an advisory capacity at that level. The members of the National Fire Fighter Relations Committee are usually drawn from those who have served as provincial Fire Fighter advisors.

Muscular Dystrophy Canada truly values and appreciates the support of the fire service, and the committee ensures that the Fire Fighters – who have undertaken leadership roles in fund-raising and awareness activities – have an opportunity to feed ideas and to offer input on how the relationship might grow.

Not to be forgotten in the discussion of the NFFRC are the extremely hard-working and dedicated members of Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s staff, who support the efforts of the Fire Fighters at all levels across Canada.

The primary role of the committee is to provide vision and leadership for the numerous activities, and campaigns undertaken by Fire Fighters in support of people with neuromuscular disorders. The goal of the NFFRC is to increase revenue and provide awareness within the vision, mission and brand identity of Muscular Dystrophy Canada.To achieve this, the committee collaborates with staff to ensure that the strategic objectives of Muscular Dystrophy Canada are being reflected in the efforts of the Fire Fighters.

The Fire Fighters who sit on the committee volunteer their time to do so, as do all Fire Fighters who participate in fundraising events and awareness activities on behalf of those who require the assistance of funds raised on behalf of Muscular Dystrophy Canada.They represent 634 fire departments across Canada; These departments reflect the diversity of how fire suppression service is provided in Canada from those made up of career Fire Fighters to those where all of the Fire Fighters volunteer their time for their community to those that have paid-on-call members to firefighters representing the military and industry.

The Fire Fighters who accept the responsibility to sit on the National Fire Fighter Relations Committee meet at least four times a year, with one of those meetings usually taking the form of an in-person meeting in Toronto.

The committee met in Toronto at the end of October 2016, to strategize on what improvements can be made to increase the participation of the fire service. While the committee is extremely proud of the over $3 million raised in the past twelve months, they believe there is potential to do more.

Fire Fighters have been involved in supporting Muscular Dystrophy Canada since 1954 and have taken a position that states, “Until there is a cure, there is us.” We work to continually reinforce our commitment to provide the funds needed to continue to support break-through research and the key elements of Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s mission. All Fire Fighters who support the cause are motivated by the encouragement and appreciation of those who benefit from the Fire Fighters’ efforts.

The National Fire Fighters Relations Committee strives to ensure  that Fire Fighters across Canada, understand the importance of our efforts on behalf of those who are affected by neuromuscular disorders, and that they open the doors of their fire halls to anyone who wishes to come by and to discuss this special relationship. If you have a question regarding any of this information and have been unable to make contact with your fire department, contact your regional office of Muscular Dystrophy Canada and they will put you in touch with a Fire Fighter to assist you.


The commitment of Canadian Fire Fighters to individuals affected by neuromuscular disorders goes beyond fund-raising—they also care about your well-being. The National Fire Fighters Relations Committee (NFFRC) brings educational articles about fire and life safety issues to help keep you safe! 


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  1. Bob Patton says:

    Really good day of meetings. We accomplished a lot & had good discussions about the organization moving forward.
    Good article on what the NFFRC is all about & the crucial role the fire service plays in our fundraising efforts for Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

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