Neuromuscular Research Partnership

Muscular Dystrophy Canada believes in working collaboratively.

From 2000 to 2012, Muscular Dystrophy Canada partnered with the ALS Society of Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to sponsor the Neuromuscular Research Partnership (NRP).

The goal of the NRP was to fund excellence in basic, focused or applied research that would move us closer towards treatment options, and ultimately a cure, for neuromuscular disorders.

Over 12 years, the partners invested more than $43 million into 177 Canadian research projects.

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There are dozens of scientists — who are located in academic institutions and hospitals across Canada — investigating different targets and mechanisms. Together, they share a common goal of increasing our understanding of neuromuscular disorders, in order to develop better treatments and ultimately a cure.

Kenneth Hastings, Montreal Neurological Institute
Board member, Muscular Dystrophy Canada

Basic biology research can have several distinct impacts on people suffering from disease. In the short term, some of the mechanisms, or research reagents, can have a medical application.  In the case of our work, which involves understanding the regulatory capabilities of short DNA sequences from muscle genes, some of the DNA fragments we study could be useful for driving gene expression in muscle cells in a gene therapy setting, an approach under active clinical exploration for muscle diseases. The biggest impact, however, is likely farther in the future.  Because this is research into the basic cellular mechanisms that determine the specialized properties of skeletal muscle fibers, it is important both for the normal development of healthy muscle and for healthy regeneration following injury or neuromuscular disease.  Our ability to build, rebuild, and modify muscle in people with muscle disorders will ultimately depend on our knowledge of these fundamental biological mechanisms.

Muscular Dystrophy Canada extends sincere thanks and appreciation to Canada Safeway for their contribution to the Neuromuscular Research Partnership. Their ‘Making Muscles Move’ Campaign provides significant funds to support Canadian neuromuscular research.

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