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Dr. Bach persevered through Hurricane Sandy and was able to join us for an exciting day of learning on November 2nd at the Nova Scotia Rehab Center in Halifax. Muscular Dystrophy Canada was so pleased to provide this much needed learning opportunity for our clients and professionals in the Atlantic region.

Dr. Bach discussed his individual cases, success stories, his approach to non-invasive ventilation and his concerns with the use of oxygen when persons with neuromuscular disorders are in respiratory distress. Lori Gillies of Quality Respiratory Care was on hand with equipment, and together with Dr. Bach, measured blood gas levels, lung volume levels and demonstrated the use of cough assist machines on more than willing clients of Muscular Dystrophy Canada. One person describes the experience as “an amazing opportunity. It was informative yet scary to realize how little I knew. I had a few ‘aha’ moments.”

We appreciated both Dr. Bach’s and Lori’s passion and patience in discussing with individuals their situation and level of understanding about what should be done in relation to their respiratory health and care.

There was an excellent turn out of professionals working in the field from all parts of the Atlantic earlier that day. It was very encouraging to see their passion as well as their concern for providing the best and most up to date care for Respiratory Health.

Thank you to all those who attended our Respiratory Care Education Session at the NS Rehabilitation Center and for taking advantage of this learning opportunity and being proactive in improving your respiratory health!

We hope to hold more of these sessions in Atlantic Canada this coming year to go hand in hand with the long anticipated launch of our two respiratory care manuals; one for professionals working in the field and one for individuals living with neuromuscular disorders, that Muscular Dystrophy Canada has been working on together with Joe Foote of Quality Respiratory Care and Dr. Colleen O’Connell of the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation. Look out for them!

For more information on Dr. Bach, visit his website.

Asha Noel-Hart is a Services Support in the Atlantic Region.

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  1. Tina MacIntyre says:

    Oh wow. LOVE Dr. Bach! Any hope for similar sessions in other regions?

  2. Shawnna says:

    Dr. Bach was supposed to come to Ottawa in August to speak about respiratory care. He had to cancel do to short attendance in this area. My son Owen has spinal muscular atrophy and is a weak type two, we would love if he could come and speak in our region.

  3. musclecanada says:

    Hi Tina and Shawnna,
    Thanks for your comments! We don’t have any sessions planned right now but please check here or on our Facebook page ( for updates on upcoming sessions. We will also be posting some clips from this session on our website and will post the link here once they are up.

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