Sara sends out a huge Thank You to Canada Safeway for “Making Muscles Move”


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A Thank You address to Canada Safeway on the first day of their Making Muscles Move campaign:

Sara and her coach Robb after winning a Regatta

Sara and her coach Robb after winning a Regatta

I’d like to start out with a big THANK YOU to Canada Safeway and all Canada Safeway staff members for your continued support of Muscular Dystrophy Canada.  Through the Make Muscles Move Campaign you are making a huge difference in many people’s lives.

In 2011 I was awarded a Safeway Mobility Grant to help with the purchase of a modified wheelchair accessible van.  This van is set up with modifications that allow me to drive from my power wheelchair.  It has, without a doubt, been a game changer in terms of my independence.

Before I received my van, travel with my power wheelchair was restricted to local areas accessible by street, public transportation, or taxi.  Having the ability to now take my power wheelchair anywhere in the city, or really anywhere I can drive, has significantly increased my sense of worth.  Not only can I get to work, the grocery store, or sailing practices on my own, but I am also more independent upon arrival due to the availability and use of my power wheelchair.

Since receipt of my Safeway Mobility Grant and subsequent wheelchair accessible van, I have been able to re-license for independent driving, explore Kananaskis Country at the accessible William Watson Lodge, and reduce the strain on my family and care givers by being more independent throughout the day.

To many, grocery shopping, and sometimes even driving, may be seen as a chore.  To me, they are a sign of independence.  Thank you for helping me to regain independence in my life.

The Canada Safeway Mobility Grants and Scholarships are helping people like me access equipment and funding that increase our independence and quality of life.  Whether it be “chores” like grocery shopping and driving, or “work” by access to education and job markets, we are truly grateful for your contributions that positively impact our lives.  On behalf of all grant and scholarship recipients, Thank You Canada Safeway for you continued support of Muscular Dystrophy Canada and making a difference in our lives.

Sara is working as a full-time Engineer in Calgary, Alberta and races accessible sailboats with the Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta (DSA) in her free time.  Many exciting events are upcoming for the DSA, including hosting the Mobility Cup Regatta in September 2014.  The boats used are specially equipped. Hoyers are used to get members into the boats and then sail with full arm power (i.e. pull lines and steering on your own), with an electric winch to pull the lines, with the winch and electronic steering (like a power wheelchair joystick), or even with sip and puff (often used for high quadriplegics). Contact the DSA to learn about getting involved.

Visit your local Safeway store from July 31 to September 2 to donate to the Making Muscles Move campaign!

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