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Chris Mino and his family

Chris Mino and friends

The Walk for Muscular Dystrophy brings together friends, family, communities, companies, and even schools! The Mino Family wanted to get their son Christopher’s school involved in fundraising for their Walk4MD team, Team Christopher. So in 2013, they approached the school about hosting a fundraiser. Chris’ teacher, the school principle, and his parents worked together to create the shoe campaign. Since then, more schools have been joining in – and we think yours should too!

How it works

A school can support the Walk for Muscular Dystrophy and/or a specific team by hosting a shoe campaign. Students can purchase a paper “shoe” for $2.00-$5.00. The kids can write their name and decorate the shoe, with them then being proudly displayed in the hallway! Challenge the school to have shoes covering from one end of the school to the other!

What the school thinks

The shoe campaign has become an annual event at Chris’ school. They find this a simple fundraiser to organize and implement, while bringing everyone together to educate and support their peer. Brain Mino, Chris’s father says, “Seeing the support was fantastic! Chris event went around to some of the classrooms with the principle and told other grades what the fundraiser was for.”

The Fenton family thanking their school for raising $700 for Team Liam and Brayden for the 2015 Durham Region Walk

The Fenton family thanking their school for raising $700 for Team Liam and Brayden for the 2015 Durham Region Walk

How it helped the Walk4MD

The shoe campaign raises around $1000 each year for Team Christopher at the Niagara Walk for Muscular Dystrophy. Moreover, the fundraiser educates and creates awareness of neuromuscular disorders and encourages a positive, supportive environment in schools.

Some teachers and students from Chris’ school even attend the Niagara Walk for Muscular Dystrophy to volunteer and walk with Team Christopher, showing their support.

Get your school involved!

Contact your local Muscular Dystrophy Canada Staff. We provide you with the shoe printout and help draft a letter to send home with the students. All the school is required to do is print the letter and shoes.



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