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More than just the winter blues?

STOCK_man-in-wheelchair-in-snow-SMALLDuring the winter months, people can start to feel down. Between the shorter days, the colder weather and the rush of the holidays, it can be a difficult time for many—particularly if you are living with a disability.

It is important to remember, however, that you are not alone. Whether you feel depressed or anxious because of bad news, a new diagnosis, the effects of winter—or if you live with those feelings every day—there are people who can help you through it.

In her article “Transcending Fear and Anxiety” in Quest magazine, Kristal Hardin describes how people living with neuromuscular disorders can feel depressed or anxious:

Muscular dystrophy chips away at our physical abilities sometimes so slowly that we don’t even know what we were physically capable of until it’s gone. This can be a challenge to both our mental and emotional stability. We may find ourselves distressed, despondent and dependent on any available helping hand.


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