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One-stop shop in Edmonton


Kathryn Penner (l) learns to use her brand new CoughAssist™ device with her sister, Carol Preston.

In Edmonton, Alberta, a new clinic is transforming care with a simple idea: what if people living with neuromuscular disorders could receive care from a wide range of specialists in a single half-day, all under one roof?

Since November 2013, the Multidisciplinary Neuromuscular Clinic has been offering adults living with neuromuscular disorders exactly that opportunity. Housed in the 677,000 square foot Kaye Edmonton Clinic, the Multidisciplinary Neuromuscular Clinic provides one-stop shopping for its patients (and their families and caregivers), allowing them to see a number of specialists in a single visit.


Oilers Alumni and Fire Fighters are Lacing Up Their Skates for Fire On Ice

Red:  Pat Beaulieu FireFighter Others: L-R:  Troy Farn, Councillor Gilles Prefontaine (St. Albert), Chief Ken Block Blue: Chris Joseph Alumni

L-R: Pat Beaulieu – Fire Fighter, Troy Farn, Councillor Gilles Prefontaine (St. Albert), Chief Ken Block, Chris Joseph – Oilers Alumni

Edmonton takes pride in their Fire Fighters and the Edmonton Fire Fighters take pride in supporting Muscular Dystrophy Canada.  This year to kick off the successful Rooftop Campout campaign, we will hold the 3rd annual Fire on Ice charity hockey game. The puck will drop on February 27th as the Edmonton Fire Fighters take the ice vs the Oilers Alumni.

The families of Edmonton and surrounding areas are passionate about hockey, which makes a charity hockey game particularly fitting to encourage the communities to open their hearts and their wallets. The main goal of the Fire on Ice event is to raise funds and awareness for Muscular Dystrophy Canada. Our next goal, to make the event as family friendly and exciting as possible as hockey lovers join us at the Leduc Recreation Center to cheer on the two teams of childhood heroes.

I ask my son, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” His answer is always, “A hockey player or a Fire Fighter!” So what a perfect combination for a charity event that is family friendly and encourages the positive message of giving back.

This is my first year on the planning committee for Fire on Ice and the joy of planning an event where the goal is for a positive cause is so rewarding. So whether you like Fire Fighters, hockey, a good cause or all three,  join us February 27th for Fire on Ice! 

14_Fire and Ice Profile picTickets can be purchased at

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Full Edmonton Oiler Alumni Roster
1 Joaquin GAGE
2 Chris JOSEPH
5 Doug HICKS
7 David PELLETIER (Honourary Oiler Alumni)
8 Dwayne HAY
10 Nathan DEMPSEY
12 Mike BISHAI
20 Dave LUMLEY
23 Sean BROWN
27 Bruce HARDY
44 Rob BROWN
94 Ryan SMYTH


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Walk for Muscular Dystrophy Ambassador: Edmonton

Cedric-Edmonton Ambassador 2013Cedric was born on June 1st, 2010.  He lives in Edmonton with his parents, little sister Rosie and his dog Otis.  Cedric has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a medical condition that causes the muscles to become weaker over time.  Cedric shares this diagnosis with his great uncle, two uncles and a cousin.  Only Cedric and his cousin are still living.  There is no cure but Cedric has been seeing a specialist at the Glenrose Hospital every year since he was 6 months old.  His parents help to stretch his calf muscles and take him swimming regularly.  He sometimes gets frustrated when his muscles can’t keep up with him.  Stairs are a challenge so he crawls up with his little sister or needs to hold someone’s hand.  When he gets tired, he trips and falls more easily.  He has trouble running as fast as other boys his age and when he tries to jump, only his heels get off the ground.

Although his body may have physical limitations, he still knows how to have fun and is a very smart boy.  At 3 ½ months old, he started attending public library programs.  He went to last year’s Car Show at Northlands Park with his parents.  He enjoyed sitting on his Dad’s lap in the drivers’ seats as they pretended to be race car drivers.  He attended an Edmonton Eskimos Football game in August of 2011.  Besides enjoying all the sights and sounds, he quickly made friends with those sitting around him, which isn’t hard to do with his good looks and cheerful personality.  He has enjoyed vacationing with his family, either in Mexico or at the family cabin in the mountains.

Cedric is also eager to help with chores around the house, like watering the plants, turning on the dishwasher and helping to load the washing machine.

He took part in last year’s Walk for Muscular Dystrophy for the first time.  Many family members and friends supported him by either helping to raise money or by attending the event too.  Last fall, he attended the Family Retreat at Camp He Ho Ha in Seba Beach.  He loved playing with the other children he met and felt very comfortable around their wheelchairs.  Cedric visited with the fire fighters during the Rooftop Campout this year and helped to lift their spirits.  He is an inspiration to us all!

Edmonton THRILL The World 2012

On October 27, 2012, fifteen dancers of all ages in Edmonton joined “Thrill the World” (TTW), simultaneously dancing Michael Jackson’s Thriller with over 10,000 dancers from around the world!  Two-time TTW Edmonton organizer Chelsea Dusfresne, did an outstanding job organizing every detail of the event – from recruiting volunteer photography and videography, promoting the event through social media and local community calendars, soliciting and preparing a well rounded silent auction, to planning and leading dance workshops to teach new dancers the Thriller dance.

Though Chelsea has always been focused on creating awareness for important causes in her community, it was during her first summer spent working at Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s Edmonton Community Office that she became passionate about raising funds and awareness for those affected by neuromuscular disorders.  She decided to make TTW Edmonton 2012 a fundraising event for Muscular Dystrophy Canada and did a super job raising over $600 in proceeds from the event.  While planning the event Chelsea did an incredible job connecting with the Grant MacEwan Student’s Association and gaining full support for a “Thrill Club” on campus, and even connected with Edmonton’s local Thriller dance group, Thrill The Ave, in order to keep the momentum moving all year long!

TTW Edmonton is already in the planning stages for 2013 – with plans in the works to entertain at the Edmonton Safeway Walk for Muscular Dystrophy!  Be sure to check out TTW Edmonton’s website, where you can see photos from the event along with the video action!

Fire Fighter discusses Rooftop Campouts on CTV Edmonton

Amongst the various and numerous ways Fire Fighters support Muscular Dystrophy Canada the Rooftop Campouts are rapidly becoming a popular winter fundraising event.  Seven years ago Rooftop Campouts were introduced in Alberta as another way for Fire Fighters, who have partnered with us since 1954, to challenge their communities to raise awareness and funds for Muscular Dystrophy Canada.  Rooftop Campouts have since expanded to various cities throughout Canada.  Fire Fighter participants from these areas will endure below freezing temperatures, inclement weather, and whatever else nature throws their way during multi-day Rooftop Campouts.

From February 21st to 24th, five Fire Fighter groups in Alberta will campout.  These events will be held in Edmonton, Strathcona, Leduc, St. Albert and Spruce Grove.  Paul McGonigal, a long-time supporter and inaugural Rooftop Campout planner from Edmonton appeared on CTV Morning Live on CTV Edmonton to speak about the Rooftop Campouts.  Paul was joined by Chase, a young boy with muscular dystrophy.  Watch the video:

Fire Fighter Paul McGonigal on CTV Edmonton

Rooftop Campouts will also be held in Prince George, BC (March 10-11); Winnipeg, MB (March 13-16); London, ON (March 15-18); Medicine Hat, AB (March 16-17); Fort McMurray, AB (March 28-31); Brandon, MB and Saskatoon, SK.  You can support these Fire Fighters by joining the Rooftop Campout Facebook page or by visiting and donating during the event!

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