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Day In The Life: #EIArichmond Youth Lounge

EIA2014-01828 year-old Keith Martin, Muscular Dystrophy Canada National Ambassador, lets us in on his experiences at Empowerment In Action. Read ahead as Keith shares a snapshot of his weekend in the Youth Lounge!

 Friday, August 22, 2014:

12:19pm – Rushing onto the Canada Line Skytrain from downtown to get out to Empowerment-In-Action. Can’t wait to spend the weekend with everyone in Richmond!

9:00-11:00pm – It has been a long first day. Many people have arrived from across the country, and have spent their time at the Richmond Olympic Oval dancing up a storm or playing wheelchair Power Soccer!

After dinner, the Youth Advisors team encourages people to head to the Youth Lounge. The activity for the evening is Mingle Bingo, where all participants go around the room with a sheet of personal traits (eg. ‘Has traveled outside of Canada), hoping to meet and talk with someone who fits each of them. It is a great way to meet other people at the conference and connect with them for the first time – a total success!

After Mingle Bingo, delegates play cards on the tables and game on the Nintendo Wii set up in the corner, while groups socialize throughout the room. There is a little something for everyone.

Mark Felling, keynote speaker, makes an appearance and entertains people with stories of his life and experiences, as well as his business – Broadened Horizons. Thank you, Mark, for your involvement!

When the doors finally close on the first day of the Youth Lounge, a large group of people have come through and have made the lounge a welcoming place to be!

Saturday, August 23, 2014:

4:00-7:00pm – Many people are out for ‘Richmond, Here We Come’, but that doesn’t mean the lounge isn’t staffed and stocked with snacks and drinks! Thank you Canada Safeway for your support!

8:00-11:00pm – After another fun day, the lounge is open after dinner. Many people – and rightfully so! – head to watch Luca Patuelli open up the dance floor and get the party started. Those who need a break had to the Youth Lounge to cool off and get some refreshment. Delegates sit in groups and talk amongst each other about the weekend and their involvement, as well as their own lives. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of youth delegates for the Empowerment In Action conference.

Sunday, August 24, 2014:

11:30am – 2:00pm – The conference winds down and delegates stream in and out of the Youth Lounge, saying last goodbyes. How fortunate was EIA to have such a wonderful Youth Committee to put this space together. Thank you to everyone on the team!

The Youth Committee was formed early on in the planning for Empowerment In Action 2014, and met regularly throughout the year to plan the Youth Lounge and also ensure that the needs of youth delegates would be considered and met. The dedication of everyone on the Committee cannot be understated, as they met on weekends outside of their normal school and working hours to get things done.

Thank you to:

  • Keith Martin – Committee Chair
  • Nate Schwartz – BC/Yukon Bridges to the Future Coordinator
  • Micaela Evans – BC/Yukon
  • Luke Galvani – BC/Yukon
  • Dana Arafeh – Ontario
  • Jessica Dell’Unto – Ontario
  • Marie-Pier Cliché – Quebec
  • Scott Batten – Atlantic
  • Alexander Peeler – Atlantic
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