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Shoe Campaign – Getting your school involved in the Walk4MD

Chris Mino and his family

Chris Mino and friends

The Walk for Muscular Dystrophy brings together friends, family, communities, companies, and even schools! The Mino Family wanted to get their son Christopher’s school involved in fundraising for their Walk4MD team, Team Christopher. So in 2013, they approached the school about hosting a fundraiser. Chris’ teacher, the school principle, and his parents worked together to create the shoe campaign. Since then, more schools have been joining in – and we think yours should too!

How it works

A school can support the Walk for Muscular Dystrophy and/or a specific team by hosting a shoe campaign. Students can purchase a paper “shoe” for $2.00-$5.00. The kids can write their name and decorate the shoe, with them then being proudly displayed in the hallway! Challenge the school to have shoes covering from one end of the school to the other!


MuscleFacts creates lasting partnership with the Champlain School

Students of Miss. Beaudoin's class

Students of Miss. Beaudoin’s class

For the past several years, Muscular Dystrophy Canada has been organizing an awareness program called MuscleFacts for schools and families. This program aims at creating more welcoming school environments for people who have a neuromuscular disorder and works to promote a better understanding of what a disability is. Through interactive presentations, games and activities, this program helps children understand what physical disabilities are and helps educators efficiently integrate children with a disability by breaking down barriers, one class at a time.

On average, Muscular Dystrophy Canada gives about 50 MucleFacts presentations per year. These visits often mark the beginning of a wonderful partnership, like the one with the Champlain School in Sherbrooke, in the beautiful province of Quebec.


Alexis Boisvert with mother and brother

Alexis Boisvert with mother and brother

Alexis and his school

The Quebec Services Team went out twice to meet the students at Alexis Boisvert’s school. Alexis is a 10-year old boy who suffers from Steinert’s myotonic dystrophy. Afterwards, Alexis’ special education teacher contacted us because the school wanted to participate in the Halloween fundraising – where each child in the class is given a little piggybank to take with them on Halloween night to ask for small change donations. The school raised a little over $700.

The Christmas Market

But the ChamplainSchool didn’t stop there. Third-grade students from Ms. Lorraine Beaudoin’s class carried out a project that would allow the students to give back to their community. Since all the students know Alexis well, they decided to organize a Christmas Market, with the proceeds once again going to Muscular Dystrophy Canada! They all chipped in and created holiday decorations. They also

Students of Miss. Beaudoin's class

Students of Miss. Beaudoin’s class

asked other classes to participate and to provide various pieces. The Christmas Market was held on December 12th and raised $1,165.

By taking part in all these activities, students and teachers at the ChamplainSchool helped Muscular Dystrophy Canada fulfill its mission. But beyond raising funds, the focus was on involvement and awareness. The school and its teachers coached future adults who, through that experience, will be more aware and more inclined to get actively involved in their community and to help others… which is very worthwhile!

Many thanks to the Champlain School for helping make muscles move!


Learn more about MuscleFacts here:

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My First Walk for Muscular Dystrophy

My sister, me, and two of my co-workers

My sister, me, and two of my co-workers

On the third of May, I experienced my first Walk for Muscular Dystrophy! I was excited to finally attend one of the events that my colleagues had been working so hard on. My sister and I volunteered to help with registration at the Toronto, Ontario Walk4MD, along with some of my coworkers and other friendly volunteers.

We arrived bright and early to Cherry Beach Park, a lovely spot along the downtown waterfront. We went over our jobs for the day, then sat down and waited for the participants to arrive. Though it was a cold day, we gave smiles and received them right back from each person who came to the registration desk!

It was great to see how many people came out – those who come 14305684313_c9ed6250f7_zyear after year, and the many first timers like me! Something new to this Walk was the tea and coffee tent, where people gathered and were able to interact over a nice hot drink.

I was inspired to hear the Master of Ceremonies Christina Massad speak, along with the Toronto Walk Ambassador Warren Jones, and Honorary Chairperson of the Toronto Walk, Anthony Farnell. I was hoping that having Anthony – who is the Chief Meteorologist  at Global News – and Storm the Weather Dog at the Walk would keep the rain away.. but it rained anyways. The good thing was that the rain didn’t last very long! (more…)

Muscles In Motion

1795569_600583466689649_1432355312_n2010 marked the first year for Muscles in Motion. An event I had been thinking about for more than five years was finally happening. 2013 marked our third year, tripling our donations and helping create more awareness for those affected with neuromuscular disorders. As we prepare for our upcoming event on May 31st,  it looks like we will again raise even more money and awareness. Below you will find out why this incredible event was designed.

I remember the day clearly when I received a phone call from the specialist. I was 18 weeks pregnant with my first child and my nephew Garrett had just been diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The specialist told me it was urgent that I get tested to see if I carried the specific gene because I only had two weeks to terminate if necessary. I was horrified at the thought and in disbelief that someone would even suggest the possibility. At the time we were just learning what Garrett was about to go through, and there was no way I was getting tested even with all the information we had. I would support my child however it would enter the world. My sister at this time received her results and found she wasn’t a carrier after all, but there was a gene mutation when Garrett was developing.


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The Scott Montreal High Rise Challenge: A spectacular and unique charity event!

Logo Défi_ScottFriday, May 16th, at the Stock Exchange Tower

Fearless Fire Fighters, policemen, paramedics and members of the public will soon be celebrating 60 years of involvement!

Imagine that you want to climb a flight of stairs to go meet the love of your life, but you can’t because your muscles won’t let you…. For 60 years now, Fire Fighters from all over Quebec have been putting their hearts to work by organizing a series of events on behalf of Muscular Dystrophy Canada, who steadfastly supports people whose muscles have stopped working. The flagship of these events is the Scott High Rise Challenge, which has been held every year since 1997.

Adrenaline, muscles and heart for a worthy cause.

The Scott High Rise Challenge is the only event of its kind in Canada aimed specifically at emergency workers, but also open to the general public. It’s the second largest high rise challenge in North America, behind the Seattle event in the U.S. Climb. Conquer. Cure. Every dollar raised contributes to the advancement of research and helps thousands of adults and children with muscular dystrophy and their families. (more…)

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