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A Letter to You

There are so many possibilities out there, and I hope you are taking them. I hope you have recognized just how special you are, and the power you have to become all you dream of becoming. Your life is all you have, and it can be all that you want it to be. Work hard. Work harder than everyone else. Do not wait for tomorrow, do it now. Because sometimes, those days never come.

Understand that sometimes life gives you struggles, but you have the opportunity to grow from it. You must decide who you want to be, and fight for all you can be. Be better today because of what happened yesterday. Make mistakes, have regrets, and learn from failure. Actually, fail all the time. Fail every day if you want. Just learn from it, grow past it, and do not let it steal you away. Love all your decisions, even if they turn out to be the biggest mistakes.


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