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Putting the ‘Fun’ in Fundraising

DustinFire Fighters have been volunteers with us since November 1954 when the first fundraising campaign occurred in Toronto, Ontario. Today, over 550 Fire Departments are involved, and Dustin LePage is one of the many Muscular Dystrophy Chair people across Canada.

This year marks Dustin’s first full year as the MD Chairperson for the Robson Volunteer Fire Department in British Columbia, and Dustin and the Department have already planned out many exciting events, and held a successful Fill the Boot campaign!  We wanted to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be the MD Chairperson, so we asked Dustin some questions!

Tell me about your family connection to muscular dystrophy.

My cousin Troy had muscular dystrophy. He was also my best friend growing up. We both lived in Robson and spent a lot of time together. Even though he had a disease that effects muscle strength, he was the strongest person I’ve ever met; I never once heard him complain about his circumstances. I’m reminded of a time when I was about nine

Dustin and his cousin Troy

Dustin and his cousin Troy

or ten, and I was pushing him in his manual chair down a gravel driveway. Well, the front wheels dug into the gravel and he flew out landing on his face, bloodied and all. I was crying and he just looked up at me, awkwardly because he was crumpled and bloodied on the ground, and said, “Quit crying you baby and just pick me up!” He NEVER complained and instead was a very upbeat and positive person. Anyone that knows me today would say that I have those same attributes, and while I know there are many factors that shape us into the type of person we are, I’m 100 per cent certain that I owe those attributes in myself – to a large degree – because of my association with Troy. Even though he passed in 1997 at the way-to-young age of 24, to this day he positively affects my life by making me not sweat the small stuff and being grateful towards life in general. After all, if he never complained about his circumstances, how the heck could I even complain or not be grateful for mine?


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