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What can you do in 60 minutes?

60 Minutes. 1 hour.  It doesn’t sound like much, but a great deal can be accomplished in that time.  You could watch an episode of Glee, play a house league soccer game, take a pottery class or practice yoga.  Or you could also use that amount of time to volunteer.

If you donated just 60 minutes a week of your time, which is only 52 hours of the 8760 hours in a year, you would be giving back to your community and supporting fundraising, support programs and services for clients and their families.  You would also collect volunteer hours for school, gain new skills and experience for your resume, network with community members and leaders, and make new friends.

In 60 minutes a volunteer can:

  • Call 35 people to invite them to a Health and Information Day
  • Send 40 thank you letters to Walk for Muscular Dystrophy participants
  • Stuff 70 envelopes in a mail campaign to bring wider awareness of Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s mission
  • Paint the faces of 15 children at a Walk for Muscular Dystrophy
  • Attend a chapter meeting to plan a BBQ fundraising event
  • Make a difference and have a feel good day!

You have 168 hours in your week.  What could you accomplish if you offered just one of them to Muscular Dystrophy Canada?

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