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The Victoria and Burnaby Walks for Muscular Dystrophy are Huge Successes!

IMG_3549 lighterWe did it! Muscular Dystrophy BC/Yukon just completed our first two Walk for Muscular Dystrophy events of the season- the Victoria Walk4MD and the Burnaby Safeway Walk4MD! They were was a big success, raising a combined total of over $70,000!

The Victoria Walk represented a major step for the BC team, it was the first Walk event organized by the team’s new Revenue Development Coordinator, Ethan Clow. It was also the first time the Victoria Walk took place at the University of Victoria. (more…)

One-stop shop in Edmonton


Kathryn Penner (l) learns to use her brand new CoughAssist™ device with her sister, Carol Preston.

In Edmonton, Alberta, a new clinic is transforming care with a simple idea: what if people living with neuromuscular disorders could receive care from a wide range of specialists in a single half-day, all under one roof?

Since November 2013, the Multidisciplinary Neuromuscular Clinic has been offering adults living with neuromuscular disorders exactly that opportunity. Housed in the 677,000 square foot Kaye Edmonton Clinic, the Multidisciplinary Neuromuscular Clinic provides one-stop shopping for its patients (and their families and caregivers), allowing them to see a number of specialists in a single visit.


Youth Program In British Columbia Helping With The Transitions

Bridges Youth at a communications workshop

Bridges Youth at a communications workshop

What is Bridges to the Future all about?

Bridges is a program that seeks to inspire and support youth living with physical disabilities. It is a regional initiative in British Columbia.  We aim to foster independence in youth, as they transition into the (often scary and daunting) world of adulthood. We’re all about creating positive relationships, connecting with other youth and community organizations, and providing resources to help youth through the various issues that come up (finances, housing, school/work, relationships, and everything else in between).


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