Team Party Hardy to #Walk4MD in full Fire Fighter gear


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Cowichan KidsOn Saturday, September 26th, Team Party Hardy will walk the 5 km route of the Nanaimo Walk for Muscular Dystrophy like many others in the community. But what makes this group different is that they will be walking in Fire Fighter uniforms, some in the full turn out gear and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.

Cathy, of Team Party Hardy who will be donning the equipment, took some time to explain why walking in Fire Fighter gear is so important to her and her teammates:

We have been involved in the Walk for Muscular Dystrophy for many years. In 2010 we formed an official team & called it “Team Party Hardy.” Each year we get together, we dress up, we laugh, we cry and we are together with our fundraising family who all want to make a difference.  We continue to do what we can to keep the FUN in FUNDRAISING! We are all very excited to take part, do our share & raise funds for our friends who have become our family.  Why walk?  Why not.  As our team shirts say “walking for those who can’t,” and we will continue to until there is no reason to walk.

The idea to wear the gear came about three years ago over a few networking sessions. Team members Cam & Dwain decided that they’d put out a challenge if they could fundraise $1500, they would do the Walk in full turn out gear, and for an extra $500 they’d wear a full breathing apparatus. I laughed and said, “Oh I bet you I can beat you and I will do it in full turnout gear with breathing apparatus!” We’re slightly competitive.  Me, the silly non-Fire Fighter, who’s never ever worn a breathing apparatus accepted the challenge. Game on!

I completed the 5 km Walk ON AIR … and in my heart I knew I WAS BREATHING FOR THOSE WHO STRUGGLE FOR AIR.   The following year we doubled the walkers on our team who came in gear & walked in air and we even had an “air”station!

The past two Walks, I have proudly walked with my brother, my brother from another mother, my daughter & my sisters from other misters. I am so proud of each and every one of them, and I am proud to walk alongside them. Together we all used the muscles that will make a difference….. our hearts.

Each year, as the Captain of Team Party Hardy, I would like to grow our team and double the amount of walkers. The first year we had 3 of us, then the 2nd year there were 6 of us.  This year we have 10 confirmed walkers on air apparatuses;  Five are firefighters, the other five are not.  We also have the special additions of my 6 year old niece walking in turnout gear & the 12 year old niece of Adam Sohye, who has Muscular Dystrophy, also walking.  We are not only a family of fundraisers, but we are fundraisers who are family known as Team Party Hardy.

For the third year in a row, we will put on the gear to walk for those who can’t. We will choose to do this Walk with a full breathing apparatus & tank for those who don’t have this choice of being placed on a breathing apparatus. No I am not a real firefighter, but I am a real volunteer who wants to make a real difference. I have these choices, I am doing it for those who don’t have the choice.

For more information on the Nanaimo Walk for Muscular Dystrophy please click here.

To view Team Party Hardy’s Walk fundraising page please click here.

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