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Logo Défi_ScottFriday, May 16th, at the Stock Exchange Tower

Fearless Fire Fighters, policemen, paramedics and members of the public will soon be celebrating 60 years of involvement!

Imagine that you want to climb a flight of stairs to go meet the love of your life, but you can’t because your muscles won’t let you…. For 60 years now, Fire Fighters from all over Quebec have been putting their hearts to work by organizing a series of events on behalf of Muscular Dystrophy Canada, who steadfastly supports people whose muscles have stopped working. The flagship of these events is the Scott High Rise Challenge, which has been held every year since 1997.

Adrenaline, muscles and heart for a worthy cause.

The Scott High Rise Challenge is the only event of its kind in Canada aimed specifically at emergency workers, but also open to the general public. It’s the second largest high rise challenge in North America, behind the Seattle event in the U.S. Climb. Conquer. Cure. Every dollar raised contributes to the advancement of research and helps thousands of adults and children with muscular dystrophy and their families.

Derek Roy from Scott Safety

Derek Roy from Scott Safety

And where does “Scott” come in?

The High Rise Challenge was named Scott to highlight the valuable involvement of one of the sponsors of the event: Scott Safety, an international company that manufactures leading-edge safety equipment for our Power 911 heroes. For the past four years, Scott Safety has been generously supporting the

Challenge, not only financially but also by providing dedicated human resources, as well as distributing over 100 oxygen tanks to participants on-site.

The Challenge has become incredibly popular over the past five years!

In only five years, the number of participants has gone from 150 to over 600, and the average amount raised annually has increased from $14,000 to $260,000.

Spoke persons and volunteersedOrganizers are on fire! They are determined to top the amount collected last year!

Over 600 participants will climb the 1,125 steps leading to the top of the Montreal Stock Exchange Tower in the 17th annual Scott High Rise Challenge. Of this number, about 100 will take part in the Extreme Challenge and will climb the steps as many times as they wish – most of them will do it at least 10 times, for a total of 11,250 steps! The goal for May 2014 is to recruit 650 participants and to raise $275,000.

The Scott High Rise Challenge has a frontline ambassador.

François Massé at the 2013 event

François Massé at the 2013 event

As François Massé always says: “Join the gang!”, urging all those who thrive on adrenaline to take part in the Scott High Rise Challenge. For this Director of Fire Services for Montreal’s Fire Department and Co-ordinator of Civil Security for the Montreal region, it’s a great honor to be associated with the worthy cause of Muscular Dystrophy Canada. He will be there on May 16th, not only to encourage the participants, but also to climb the 1,125 steps all the way to the 48th floor!


Over the years, the Scott High Rise Challenge has become a unique mobilizing event for emergency workers, especially for Fire Fighters who want to help others, while taking part in a demanding physical challenge. Let’s take our hats off to the great number of participants who will be putting on their helmets for a good cause!


For more information or to support the Challenge in your own way by making a donation, go to today!

Don’t miss it!


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